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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

68. Again, stuffed crayfish: and to give understanding to him who should make these stuffed crayfish arrange that he has a great quantity of crayfish and let him wash them very well and put them to cook in fair water and put in salt; and when they are cooked take them out onto fair and clean boards and take the largest for stuffing and remove the large shells and clean them and put them by themselves on fair dishes; and then take the tails and the legs of the said large crayfish and also the other crayfish so that there is enough to stuff the quantity of crayfish which he intends to stuff and take out the meat from them,and take the insides out of the said tails, and then put on a fair board and chop them very fine and then put them in a fair dish. And then let him arrange that he has very good parsley which has been well cleaned and washed and drained, and let him chop it very fine, then put it in with the aforesaid crayfish meat and a little good white ginger, and saffron to give it color. Then take the shells of the crayfish reserved above and put the said stuffing in one shell and put another on it reversed, and put the one opposite the other. Then arrange that he has good oil well purified and put them to fry in fair and clean pans and, being well fried, take them out onto fair dishes and put sugar on top. Then let them be served when it is proper to serve them. [Du fait de cuisine (France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)] (permanent link)