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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

2. Again, a bruet of Almayn: and to give understanding to him who will make it, according to the quantity which he should make, take these capons and dress them cleanly, and cut them in quarters; according to the quantity of the said potage which is given into his charge, let him take meat in proportion to the said poultry according as it is left over from the other potage, either pork or lamb, kid or veal, and such meat should be cut up in proportion to the quantity of the said poultry; and for this take onions according to the quantity of the meat which you are making and chop them very small, and take some bacon fat and melt it thoroughly; and put your meat either in cauldrons or in fair and clean pots, according to the quantity which you have, and then put your onions and the lard in with your meat and fry it all together; and, according to the quantity of your meat, take almonds and have them cleaned so that there are no shells and have them very well washed in good hot water, and then have them very well brayed without blanching and have them moistened with beef broth; and then take a fair cornue and strain them with the beef broth according to the quantity which you want to make, and take heed that it is not too salty; and then take good white wine and verjuice according to the quantity of the broth and put in, and white ginger, grain of paradise, pepper and not too much, nutmeg, and all minor spices such as cloves and mace, and saffron to give it color - and all these spices put in in moderation; and, these being ground, put them into your broth; and this broth in with your sautéed meat, and sugar therein in great quantity according to the quantity of the broth. And when all of this is together, taste it to see that there is nothing of which it has too much or too little so that you can correct it, and check the salt; and check that the meat is not overcooked, because the kid and veal are more tender than the poultry. And when your meat is cooked to the right point and one wants to arrange it for serving, put your meat separately and put it on serving dishes and then put the said broth on top. [Du fait de cuisine (France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)] (permanent link)