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From Alte Kochrezepte aus dem bayrischen

(Germany, ~1500 - V. Bach, trans.)

Venison im slaff


Venison from a good pepper

Pepper sauce for fish

From Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334]

(England, 1425)

Brus to potage

Nombuls of a dere

Roo (roe) in brothe

Roo in sene

Farsure for hares

Muntelate to potage

Goos in hochepot

Egurdouce to potage

A drye stewe for beefs

Pejons stewet

Conynges in cyne

Bor in counsett

Boor in brasey

Browet tufkay

Chekyns in muse

Malardes in cyne

Leche Lumbarde

Sause for a goose

Pevrate sause for veel or venison

Sause neyger for maudelard roasted

Vert sause

Chaudern for swannes


Farsure to make pome de oringe

Toste to potage

Musculs (muscles) in sewe

Cadel of musculs to potage

Eles in bruet

Balok brothe

Turtelettys of fruture

Brewewes in somere

Alaunder of beef

Conynges in egredouce

Hares or conynges in fene


Boor in confith

Boor in peverarde, or braune in peverarde

Mosy for soper in somer


Gees in hochepot

Maulardes in cyne


Another potage

Eles in surre

Eles in browet

Roches or loches in egurdouce

Leche lumbarde

Pomes Dorre


From An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book

(Italy, ~1400 - Ariane Helou, trans.)



Fine Greens and Fennel

(Fine Greens and Fennel)














(Whole Fava Beans)

(Whole Fava Beans)

(Split Favas)


Grainy Broth

Fish Broth


Pepper sauce

Civero of Hare

To Stuff a Calf

Kid Pastry



Tomacelli or Mortadelli

Fish in Aspic without Oil

Sauce for a Roast

Sauces for Pigeon

Chickpeas for Invalids

From An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook

(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)

Recipe for Mirkâs (Merguez Sausage)

Recipe for Making Ahrash

A Type of Ahrash

Meatball Dish

A Recipe of Isfîriyâ

Simple Isfîriyâ

Royal Sanhâji

Mirkâs with Fresh Cheese

Recipe for the Dish Mentioned by Al-Razi

The Dish Sinâbi

The Dish Misri (Egyptian)

The Dish Jimli

The Dish Mukhallal

Sweetened Mukhallal

Note on the Kinds of Roast

Roast in a Tajine

Hen Roasted in a Pot in the Oven

Hen Roasted in a Pot at Home

Chicken Called Madhûna

Cooked Fried Chicken

Stuffed and Roast Mutton; Called "The Complete" [or "The Inclusive"]

Lamb Roast Badî'i

Lamb Roast with Its Skin

Recipe for Small Birds Made of Sheep's Meat

Roast Lamb Breast [literally

Another Kind of Lamb Breast

Recipe for an Extraordinary Sausage

Recipe for Roasting It

Its Recipe

Recipe for Kâfûriyya


The Making of Mu'affara Dusted which is Also Called Munashshiya Starched

Recipe for Ja'fariyya

The Making of Rafî'

The Making of a Dish of Small Birds

The Making of a Dish of Pigeons

A Dish of Young Pigeons

A Dish of Hare

A Preparation of Remarkable Pigeons (Bûjûn)

Recipe for a Dish of Partridge

The Recipe of ibn al-Mahdi's Maghmûm

Abbasid Chicken

The Preparation of Jaldiyya (Leathery)

Recipe for Thûmiyya

A Chicken called Ibrâhîmiyya


Tajine with Cheese

Recipe for Barmakiyya

The Preparation of Bilâja

A Dish With Prunes (Ijjâs)

Boiled Dish of Stuffed Eggplants

A Dish of Eggplants with Saffron

A Dish of Fried Chicken

Recipe for "Hunchbacked" Chicken

Stuffed Lamb Breast in the Oven

A Dish of Large Fish

Recipe for Making Ahrash

Farrûj Mubarrad

Recipe for a Dish of Olives

A Dish of Chicken with Mild Wine

Recipe for a Hen Stuffed Without Bones

An Extraordinary Dish of Chicken


A Good Dish

A Dish of Chicken

A Roast of Stuffed Shimâs

A Pie (Mukhabbazah) of Lamb

A Chicken Pie

A Hen Roasted in the Oven

Recipe for the Roast of Kings

A Chicken Dish

Recipe for Making Qaliyya With a Covering

Jewish Partridge

Recipe for a Dish of Goose and Stuffing

A Recipe for Roast Partridge

Recipe for Farrûj Mubarrad

A Stuffed Dish of Chicken (Cooked) in the Oven

Egyptian Chicken

Tharda of Khabîs with Two Chickens

A Stuffed

Fish Tharîd

As for caraway

Saffron is used in mukhallals

There are others who sprinkle ground pepper over the food when it is cut for eating; this is a practice of the Christians and Berbers

Its Recipe:

Recipe for White Tafâyâ

Recipe for Fried Tafâyâ

Another Kind of Tafâyâ

Recipe for a Pot-Roast

Recipe for Meatballs Used in Some Dishes

A Pie of Pullets or Starlings

A Pie of Sea or River Fish

Layered Loaf (Khubza Muwarraqa)

Loaf Kneaded with Butter

The Making of Qatâif

A Dish Made with Khabîs

A Dish of Eggplants

The Making of Stuffed Eggs

A Dish Praised in Springtime for Those with Fulness and Those with Burning Blood

A Dish of Sikbâj

The Making of Qâhiriyât

The Making of Dafâir

Stuffed Monkey-Head

A Dish of Partridge

The Making of Qâdûs

A Qâdûs with Meatballs

Stuffing Lamb with Cheese

Preparation known as Hashîshiyya

The Making of Hadîdât (Pieces of Iron)

A Dish which Reduces Appetite and Strengthens the Stomach

Preparation of Tuffâhiyya

Sikbâj of Veal

A Dish Suitable for Autumn

A Dish Made in Winter for Those with Cold Illnesses

A Dish of Pullets Suitable for the Aged and Those with Moistnesses

Tharda of Meat

Tharda of Meat and Eggplants

Tharda of Lamb with Garbanzos

Tharda with Heads of Swiss Chard

A Dish Like That



Preparation of a Tharda of Two Chickens

The Spice Mixture:

Preparation of Sanbûsak (Stuffed Dumplings):

Tharda of Tafâyâ

Covered (Crusted) Tafâyâ

Stuffed Tafâyâ

Mukhallal of Chicken and So Forth


A Dish of Murri from Any Meat You Wish


A Remarkable Dish in Which is Safî riyya of Eggs

A Dish of Auhashi of Fat Ram

A Dish With Eggplants


Dish of Meat with Walnuts and Mastic


Making a Green Hen


Jimliyya of Legs and Breast of Squab

Stuffed Goose


Sliced Chicken

A Dish of Whole Turtledoves

A Coral Dish of Chicken

A Reddish-Brown Dish of Chicken

Palace Chicken with Mustard

The Green Dish Which Umm Hakima Taught

A Dish of Pullet

Dish Known as Mulahwaj (the Hasty Dish)

Another Good Dish

Recipe for a Good Dish Covered With Pine-nuts

Another Partridge Dish

Another Partridge Dish

A Remarkable Tajine


Another Tabâhajiyya

Another Tabâhajiyya

A Dish of Meatballs

Stuffed Asparagus

A Dish of Eggs with Meat

A Roast of Meat

Making Fresh Fish with Eggs

Tortoise or Mullet Pie

To Make Isfîriyâ

Isfîriyâin the Manner of the Market Folk

Dish of Chicken When it is Roasted

Dish of Chicken or Whatever Meat You Please

Bedouin Chicken

Dish of Stuffed Chicken (or Pullet)

Another Dish

Eggplant Dish Known as the Arabic

Dish Prepared With Fried Eggplant

Dish with Truffles and Meat

Preparing Liftiyya (a Dish of Turnips) with Walnuts and Sugar

Meat Soup with Cabbage

Persian Muthallath

Preparing a Dish With Cardoon

Preparing a Dish of Cardoons with Meat

Preparation of Baqliyya of Asparagus

Preparing Asparagus with Meat Stuffing

Making Baqliyya of Asparagus

Preparing Mallow With Jerked Meat

Preparing the Dish Dictated by Abu Ishaq

Making 'Umâniyya [or possibly 'Ammâniyya]

Complete Jimliyya

Meat Roasted Over Coals

Preparing Maslûq al-Saqâliba

Al-Ghassani's Tharda

Zabarbada [Zîrbâja] of Fresh Cheese

Tharda of Zabarbada

Preparing Tabâhaja of Burâ niyya

Preparation of Chestnut Qaliyya

Preparing Covered Tabâhajiyya [Tabahajiyya Maghmuma]

Dish of Lamb With Truffles

Chicken Covered With Walnuts and Saffron

Dish with Pine Nuts

Jaldiyya of Chicken

Chicken Dish With Wine


Preparing the Servants' Dish

Honey Recipe

Preparing Saqlabiyya (Dish of the Saqaliba)

Recipe for a Good Dish

Recipe for the Chicken Dish known as Sabâhi (of morning)

Recipe for the Dish Known as Maghmû m (Veiled)

A Jewish Dish of Eggplants Stuffed with Meat

A Sicilian Dish

Chicken In the Oven

How You Make It


Preparation of Plain Liftiyya Also

Recipe for White Karanbiyya

Muthallath with Heads of Lettuce

Baqliyya Mukarrara (repeated or refined dish of vegetables)

Basbâsiyya (a dish of fennel)

A Baqliyya of Ziryab's


Preparing Narjisiyya (Narcissus-stew) With Carrots

How to Make Râhibi


Making Dishes Prepared With Eggplants

Preparing The Complete Burâ niyya

A Dish of Eggplants Without Vinegar

Dish of Eggplant

Preparing Tuffâhiyya (Apple Stew) with Eggplants

Preparation of Musa'tar (a Dish Flavored With Thyme) of Eggplants

Preparation of Arnabi

Description of Mahshi (a stuffed dish) With Eggplants

Recipe for Eggplant Mirkâs

Recipe for Dusted Eggplants

Eggplant Isfîriyâ

A Vegetarian Version of the Same Prepared by Ibn Muthanna

Recipe for the Same Dish

Jannâniyya (the Gardener's Dish)

Green Tafâyâof Fish


White Tafâyâof the Same

Recipe for Fish in the Style of Jimli

Another Version of the Same

Dish made with Sarda (Pilchard)

Recipe for Munashshâ

Fish Murawwaj

Mahshi of Mixed Fish

Dusted Fish

Meatballs and Patties (Ahrash) of Fish

Preparing Fish Roe

The Perfect Tharîd (The Complete Tharîd)

Vinegar Tharîda

White Tharîda with Onion

Tharîd Mudhakkar with Vinegar and Whole Onions

Tharîda with Lamb and Spinach

Tharîda in the Style of the People of Bijaya (Bougie

Tharid that the People of Ifriqiyya (Tunisia) Call Fatîr

Preparation of the Cooking of Itriyya


Recipe for Mu'allak

Tharîd Made with Fattened Chickens or with Well-Fed

Tharid Made with Garbanzo Water

Recipe for a Tharîd Soaked in the Fat of Ten Fattened Chickens

Recipe for Tharîd Shabât

Recipe for Making Jûdhâba

Jûdhâba Beneficial for the Cold and It Strengthens Coitus

A Mu'assal Used in Tunis at Banquets

Stuffed Qanânît

Preparation of Juraydât

Syrup of Harir

Syrup of Carrots

Electuary of Musk

From A Book of Cookrye

(England, 1591)

To make sauce for capons or Turky Fowles

Sauce for a roasted Stock Dove.

Sauce for capons, Phesant, Partriges or Woodcocks.

Chauldron for a Swan.

To stue a Capon.

To stue a Capon in Lemmons.

To boyle a Capon in white broth.

To boyle a capon in Browes.

To seeth chickins in Lettice.

To seeth Hennes and capons in Winter, in whitebroth.

To stue capons.

To stue Sparrowes.

To stue Sparrowes or Larkes.

To boile a Duck.

To stue a wilde Mallard.

To stue a hinflank of Beefe without fruit.

To stue a Neates foot.

An other to stue a Neats foot.

To boyle a Leg of Mutton with Lemmons.

To boile Mutton with Endive, Borage, or Lettice, or any kinde of hearbes that may serve therunto.

How to boyle Pigges Petitoes.

To make a Hodgepodge.

To make white Puddings of the Hogges Liuer.

To make Liverings of a Swine.

A Pudding in a Tench.

To make a pudding in a Carret root.

A Pudding in a Cowcumber.

To seethe a Pike.

A Pike sauce for a Pike, Bream, Perch, roch, Carp, Flounders, and all manner of Brooke fish.

How to seeth a Carpe.

To seeth Roches, Flounders, or Eeles.

To seeth a Dory or Mullet.

For fine Pyes of Veale or Mutton.

For Pyes of Mutton or Beefe.

To bake a Neatstung.

To bake a Pigge.

To bake a gammon of Bacon.

To bake Chickins.

To make a Chickin Pye.

To bake Chickins without fruit.

To bake Pigeons.

To bake Crane or Bustard.

To bake Geece or Capons.

To bake Turky Fowles.

To bake Fesant or Partriges.

To bake wilde Ducks.

For to bake Mallards.

How to bake pyes of Calves feet.

How to bake Conies, Rabets, or Hares, with fruit or without fruit.

To bake small meats.

How to bake Venison.

To bake Venison to eat hot.

To bake Venison of Fallow Deere.

To bake the Umbles of a Deere.

To bake a Pig like a Fawne.

To make Florentines with Eeles for Fish dayes.

To make a Florentine.

How to make Chuets.

How to bake Eeles whole.

To bake Lamprons.

How to bake a Lamprey.

To bake Carp, Bream, Mullet, Pike, Trout, Roche or any other kinde of Fish.

How to bake a Holybut head.

How to bake Cunger.

To bake a Stockfish.

How to bake watered Herrings.

To roast Venison.

How to roast a Hare.

To make Allowes of Eeles.

To fry Whitings.

To make a Haggas of Almain.

To make Ielly.

To make Ipocras.

From Ein Buch von guter spise

(Germany, ca. 1345 - Alia Atlas, trans.)

4. Hüenre von kriechen (Hens from Greece)

5*. Heidenische kuchen (Heathen cakes)

10. Ein spise von birn (A food of pears)

11. Ein gut spise von hüenern (A good food of hens)

12. Ein gute fülle (A good filling)

15. Von pasteden (Of pasties)

17. Von geülten hechden (Of filled pike)

18. Von frischen elen (Of Fresh Eels)

19. Diz ist ein gut spise von eime lahs (This is a good food of a salmon)

20. Dis sagt von eime stockvische (This speaks of a stockfish)

21. Ein gut spise (A good food)

22. Ein gut geriht (A good dish)

23. Ein gut spise (A good food)

25. Wiltu machen ein gebraten milch (How you want to make roasted milk)

26. Diz ist ein gut fülle (This is a good filling)

27. Ein gut getrahte (A good grain)

27*. Ein gut fülle (A good filling)

29. Wilt du machen ein gut lebern (How you want to make a good liver)

30. Ein gut spise (A good food)

31. Ein spise von bonen (A food of beans)

38. Ein geriht von eime stockvische (A dish of a dried fish)

40. Ein gut trahte (A good dish)

48. Ein condimentlin (A condiment)

49. Ein gut salse (A good sauce)

50. Von gebraten (Of roasting)

86. Einen fladen (A fladen )

From Recipes from John Crophill's Commonplace Book

(England, 1485)

Chaudone Potage of Pygys

Noumbles of Net


Char de Marchaunt

Browet of Lamprouns

From Delights for Ladies

(England, 1609)

26 - To make crystall gelly

1 - To boile a Flounder or Pickrell of the French fashion

From MS Douce 257

(England, 1381)


Caponys in concys

Hennys in bruet

Harys in ciuee

Haris in talbotays







Eyren in bruet


Bruet of Lombardye



Mallard in cyuey


Roo broþ

Lampreys in bruet

Solys in bruet

Oystryn in bruet

Elys in bruet


Balough broþ

From Du fait de cuisine

(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)

Bruet of Almayn

Bruet of Savoy

Lamprey Sauce

Camelin Bruet

Rosy Bruet


Chyvrolee of Venison

Piquant Sauce for Conies

Tyolli Bruet

Sops of Hares

Gravy of Small Birds

Buchat of Conies

Tripes of Large Fish

Bruet of Savoy of Fish


Fresh Sea-Bream

A Rosy of Fish


Larded Tench

Sauce Piquant

Georgé Bruet


Bruet of Verjuice

Parma Tarts of Fish

Cameline Sauce


Cold Sage

Parti-Colored Hot Mengier

Sauce for Bourbulleys of Wild Boar


A Vinaigrette

A Jance

Meat Jelly

Fish Jelly

From Een notabel boecxken van cokeryen

(Netherlands, ca. 1510 - C. van Tets, trans.)

To make a brewet

Porpoise with Pepper Sauce

To Fry Sprats

For an Amandeleye Within the Fasting Time



A Brown Pepper

Peper for Swans

Bipeper for Game

Bipeper or Paveraet for fresh Beef

Jespi or Sauce for Capons

Sauce for Herons or Capons

A Green Sauce for Salt Beef

To Boil Venison that is Fresh

Ghecloven Nonnen

Rabbit Pies

Venison Pies

Easter Pasties

Meat Roffioelen

Pheasant and Peacock

Ghedopte Eyeren (Dipped Eggs)

For all boiled venison

Pepper for Roasted/Fried Veal

White Brewet for Capons

To Make Good Fine White Clareyt

To Make Fine Red Clareyt

To Make Fine Yellow Clareyt

Quecruyt (Quince Paste)

Quecruyt (Quince Paste)

From Enseignements qui enseingnent a apareillier toutes manieres de viandes

(France, ca. 1300 - D. Myers, trans.)


Other parts of fresh pork

For veal

For kid and lamb

Roasted piglet

For geese

Domestic drakes and ducks with hot pepper

Moor hens


All rabbits and all hares are good in pies

Roe Deer

To make white brouet of hens

For a subtle English brouet

For a gravé of small birds

The start of the of saltwater and freshwater fish

For milk of Provence

If you want to make pike galentine

If you want to make lamprey galentine

If you want to make fish jelly

Here are the lessons of the fish roe and other meats

Fresh salmon with hot pepper

For bream cooked in water

Scallops in gravy or cooked in water

Smelt with sour pepper

Fresh mackerel is good in pies

Gurnard cooked in water with cameline sauce tempered with vinegar

Herring fresh and powdered with ail

White cuttlefish with aillie of vinegar

Oysters in gravy

From Forme of Cury

(England, 1390)


For To Boile Fesauntes


Leche Lumbard





































XXXII - For To Make A Pynade Or Pyvade

XXXIII - For To Make A Balourgly Broth

From Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7]

(England, 1390)

.xxj. Egredouce.

.xxviij. Fylettus in galentyne.

.xxxv. For to boyle fesauntes partryches, capouns and corlowes.

.lij. Coremarye.

.lxiiij. Leche Lumbard.

.lxxxj. Rapey.

.lxlj. Tostee.

.lxlvij. Vyaund ryal.

.lxlix. Gelee of fysche.

.Cvij. Balloc broth.

.Cx. Plays in cyvee.

.Cxj. For to make flampens.

.Cxij. For to make nounbles in lent.

.Cxv. Fylettes in galyntyne.

.Cxviij. Tenches in cyvee.

Cxxxiij. Pevorat for veel & venesoun.

.Cxxxviij. Verde sauce.

.Cxxxix. Sauce noyre for malard.

.Cxlj. Chaudyn for swannes.

From Gentyll manly Cokere (MS Pepys 1047)

(England, ca. 1500)

To make a stew of flesh

To make Chawden for A Swan or for Wylde gose

To make Alloes of beef

The sydes of A dere of hye grece Rostyde

To make gallentyne

Egges yn brewte

Lamprays in brewte


For fryturs

For to stew heryng

From The Good Housewife's Jewell

(England, 1596)

Seruice for Fish daies

To Boile Larkes

To boile Conies

To boile Chickens

To boile mutton and Chickens

To boile Teales

To boile steakes betweene two dishes

To boile a capon

The boyling of a capon

To boile a Capon with Oranges and Lemmons

To make boyled meates for dinner

To boyle meates for supper

To boyle a legge of Mutton with a Pudding

To boyle Quailes

To stewe Calues feete

To stewe a Mallard

To make Aloes

To make Fritters of Spinnedge

To boyle Pigeons in blacke broath

To boyle a Ducke with Turneps

To make blacke puddings

To boile Muskles

To make bake meates

Another bake meate

Another bake meate

To bake a brest of veale

To make a pudding in a breast of veale

To bake a Gammon of Bacon

To baje a Turkie and take out his bones

To bake a Kidde

To bake a Mallard

To make a Pye of Humbles

To bake a Red deare

To bake Calues feete

To bake the Humbles of a Deere

To make a veale pie

For to make mutton pies

To bake calues feete

To bake Chickins in a Cawdle

To bake pigeons

To bake a Conie

To bake a Fillet of beefe to keepe colde

To bake a Neates tongue

To make muggets

To make fillets of beefe or clods instead of red Deare

To roast a Carpe or Tench with a Pudding in his belly

THE NAMES OF ALL thinges necessary for a banquet

To make a made dishe of Artechokes

To frie Chickins

To make a boyled meat after the French waies

A sauce for a Conie

To make a sausedge

To make a pie

To boile a capon with a sirrop

To dresse a hare

To make peascods in Lent

To make a close Tart of greene Pease

To make Oister Chewets

To make Hypocrase

To make a sirrop of Quinces to comfort the stomack

From Das Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard

(Germany, 15th century - V. Bach, trans.)

Another sauce

This sauce made with garlic aids the appetite for food

You shall use and eat many foods

But if the things dry out the body too much

From Koge Bog

(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)

VII - To cook squash

X - To cook herring

XI - Several kinds of game roasts to pickle

XIII - To pickle lamprey

XIX - Rolled [callune] to cook / and pickle

XXI - To make bratvurst

XXV - A good mush to have with roast

XXVII - To salt beetroot

XXIX - White mead to make that will be used soon Take one measure white honey and eight measures fresh spring water

XXXII - Pastry of young hens

XLIV - Pike sausage

XLVII - Knapvurst

XLIX - Balls or skinless sausages

L - To cook fresh pike

LI - Carp in cloven broth

LIV - To cook chopped fish

LVI - Pastry of fish

LVII - A pudding of fish

LXII - A mash of gingerbread

LXV - A mash of sour cherries

LXIX - To seethe fresh fish

LXXIII - A mash of ginger bread

LXXV - Elderflower confectionery

LXXXI - To cook pork game

LXXXVI - Pork sausage

LXXXIIX - To make small sausages

XCVII - Another good dish

From Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin

(Germany, 16th century - V. Armstrong, trans.)

5 How to cook a wild boar's head

7 To make a sauce in which to put a haunch of venison

9 To make a yellow sauce for game or birds

10 To make goose giblets

12 To make a boar's head

23 If you would make a good sausage for a salad

24 How one should make Zervelat

25 If you would make good bratwurst

28 If you would put up good vinegar that will remain good and strong for a long time

31 To make ravioli

60 To make a veal pie

64 To make a fish pastry from trout

66 A game pie

67 A game pie

69 A pastry from a capon

77 A liver tart

91 Another game pie

119 If you would make boiled dumplings

152 To make a good roast

157 To prepare veal or hens

158 Sauce for birds

168 Marinated fish

181 In the year of our Lord 1548

186 To make an herb tart

190 To fry small holliplen

192 If you would make a Polish sauce for pike

193 How to make chicken dumplings

196 Brisetten are made in the following manner

197 How one should prepare oysters

198 To prepare an aspic on a wheel

From Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]

(England, 1430)


Anoþer maner for noumbuls

For to make a potage of welkes

Mortrews of fysshe

Harus in cyne

Harus in a sewe

Hennes in brewes

For to boyle fesawantes and pertryks

Hennes in gravé

Capons in Covisye

Lamprayes in browet

For tenchis in gravé

Pur verde sawce

Sawce for vele and venysone

Sawce sirer for mawdelardus

Sawce for swannus

For pygges farsyd

For fraunche mele

For bours

For lamprays bakun

For custanes

For risshens

For freture

For stondand fygnade

For sirup

For Tuskyn

Porry of white pese

For Gray pese

For mustul bre

For capons in erbis

For henne in brothe

For comyne sewe

For a tansy cake

For a brothe of elys

For wesels

For hagese

Oystere in browet

From Libre del Coch

(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)





67. pottage of fat

69. Good French Sauce

70. THIN Sauce for Wild Birds, Such as Wild Doves, WOODPigeons and Wild Ducks

72. THIN Sauce for RoastED Squabs

73. Another THIN Sauce for Roasted Squabs

76. Pottage which is called Higate because it is made from figs


103. Biza Sauce for Ten Dishes

104. Sauce Which is Called PINE NUT DISH of Garlic


114. brown Sauce for Partridges and Doves


130. Meat or Fish PASTRY

134. spiral cakes of fritter Which They Call CASQUETAS in Valencia and in Barcelona

145. Pastry in A JAR

146. Marinated Mutton

147. Gratonada in Another Manner


161. Pepper Sauce for Wild Game

164. Capirotadas of Truffles

180. OF lamprey in crust

181. Salmon Pie

182. Salmon Casserole

183. Trout in crust or roasted or boiled

184. Barbel in crust

185. Barbel in casserole

186. Shad in crust

187. Swordfish in crust

189. Swordfish on the grill

190. Sturgeon in crust, which is pike

191. Sturgeon or pike in casserole

192. Sturgeon, which is pike, grilled or boiled

193. Dentex in crust

194. Dentex in casserole

196. Bonito in crust

197. Bonito in Casserole

198. Bonito on the grill

199. Fresh conger eel in crust

202. Conger eel on the grill and on the spit

206. Tunny or tuna in crust

208. Boiled tuna or tunny

209. Tunny on the grill

210. mullet in crust

216. Sardines in casserole

218. BOGUes in casserole

220. Wolffish in crust



228. CLAMS in casserole




From Due Libri di Cucina - Libro B

(Italy, 15th c. - Rebecca Friedman, trans.)

V To make meat jelly of fish

X To make a sauce for peacocks

XII To make a sauce of Bastardo

XVII To make Renfuso

XXXXVIII To make beef torteli

LIII To make torteli of oil

LXXXXII To make quillies

From Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco

(Italy, 14th/15th c. - Louise Smithson, trans.)

IX - Carmeline sauce for capons

XIV - Ciuiro or sauce black to ash gray for boar

XXXI - Jelly of whatever meat

XXXII - Jelly in another way

XLVI - Mortadelle (liver sausages) good and perfect

LIX - Pepper sauce that is genuine

LXXIII - Fine spices for all things

LXXV - Spices black and strong for enough sauces

LXXXII - Sauce good for meat of mutton or of kid

CVII - Tart of gourd dry

CXI - Tart Manfreda good and fantastic

CXXV - To make cervellade (sausage) bressane

From Le Menagier de Paris

(France, 1393 - Janet Hinson, trans.)

At the grocer's: ten pounds of almonds

In soups

To make chitterling sausages



SEEDED SOUP is a winter soup


Fresh WILD BOAR is cooked in water with wine and eaten with hot pepper

George Soup

Subtle Broth from England

Hare Broth

Meat Tiles

Saracen Broth

Pike Hotpot (Chaudree)

Oyster Broth

Stuffed Piglet

Bourbelier of WILD PIG

Geese are roasted with white garlic in summer



RECLOTHED SWAN in its skin with all the feathers

BARBEL is roasted with verjuice

LOACH must be cooked in simmering water with a little wine

Of one loach you can eat half cooked in water

As for skinning it

TUNNY is a fish found in the sea or salt-pools in parts of Languedoc

FRESH SALMON should be smoked

Also it is cooked in water and wine added







Note that rump of venison includes the skin and tail; and when fresh it is cooked in water and wine

From The Neapolitan recipe collection

(Italy, 15th c - T. Scully, trans.)

To make a good Pepper Sauce

A Consommé Broth

Rice in the Italian Style

Spelt Porridge


A Dish of “Cardinals”



Garnished Turnips


Melon Dish

A Pottage of New Broad Beans

Kidney Beans

Cockerels Boiled with Verjuice

Florentine-Style Meat in a Baking Dish

Goat Kid in Other Ways

Pariola for Chickens, Cockerels or Capons on a Spit

The Holy Piglet, Roasted Inside-Out

To Cook a Chicken in a Carafe

To Make a Cow, a Calf or a Stag Look Alive

Kid Pie

Fish Tart

Stuffing for Kid

Stuffing for a Capon

Good Sausages

To Make Good Bolognese Sausage

Aragonese Sops


Sauce for Cockerel Pieces

Sauce for Hare

Sauce for Sauteed Pigeon Pieces

Sauce for Any Game Animal

Daily Sauce

Lombard Sauce

French-Style Sauce for Partridge

Verjuice with Garlic

Balled Mustard for Trips

Slavic Cooking Sauce

Bolognese Torte

Common Torte

Cherry Torte

Cabbage Torte

Stuffed Deep-Fried Eggs

Snails for Meat-Days

Chick-Pea Broth

Fish-Egg Omelet

Caviar Omelet



Grey Mullet or Mackerel

Black Fish

Clams, Mussels

Tench in a Baking Dish

From A NEVV BOOKE of Cookerie

(England, 1615)

To boyle a Capon Larded with Lemons

To sowce a Pigge

To sowce Oysters

To sowce a Pike

To boyle Flounders

To boyle a Gurnet on the French fashion

To boyle a legge of Mutton on the French fashion

To hash a Legge of Mutton on the French fashion

To roast a Legge of Mutton on the French Fashion

To roast a Neates tongue

To boyle Pidgeons with Rice

To boyle a Rabbet with Hearbes on the French fashion

To boyle Chickens in white broth

To boyle a Teale

To smoore an old Coney

To boyle a Chyne of Mutton

To boyle Larkes or Sparrowes

A made Dish of Conyes Liuers

A made Dish of a sweet-Bread

A made Dish of Sheepes tongues

A Fridayes Pye

A Chewet of Stockefish

To make an Oyster Pye

A made Dish of Mussels and Cockles

To bake a Neates tongue to be eaten hot

A delicate Chewit

To make an Vmble Pye

To bake a Calues Chaldron

To bake a Carpe

To bake a Tench with a Pudding in her belly

To bake Eeles

To bake Chickins with Grapes

To bake a Steake-Pye with a French Pudding in the Pye

To bake a Pigge

To bake Fallow Deere in the best manner

To bake redde Deere

To bake a Swan

To bake a Turkey

To bake a Curlew or Hearneshoe

To bake Woodcockes or Blacke Birds

Fritters on the Court fashion

A fierced Pudding

A Pudding of Veale

A Cambridge Pudding

A Swanne or Goose Pudding

A Liueridge or Hogges Pudding

A Chiueridge Pudding

A Florentine of Veale

Another in a Frying-pan

To make Kicks-Hawes

To boyle a Rack of Veale on the French fashion

To fearce a Legge of Lambe

To boyle a wilde Ducke

To boyle a tame Ducke

To boyle Pigeons

To boyle Goose giblets

To smoore a Racke

To smoore a Chickin

To frye Mussels

To congar Eeles

To sowce a Pigge in collors

A Legge of Lambe fearst with Hearbes

To smoore Calues feet

Another way

The same vvith Chestnuts

From A Noble Boke off Cookry

(England, 1468)

To make potage for somer sessone

To mak Buknad

To mall chekyns in musy

Alander de beeff

Longe de bef

To mak musy for soper

Lesk lombard

To mak eles in Bruet

Breteyn in Lent

To mak Breteyn in fleshe tyme

To mak sturgion for sopers

To mak quystis

To mak chandron for swan

To mak wellid peper for rost vele

To mak tartes of fflesche

Porpas sturgion or turbot

Flesh pies of capon or of fessand

To mak custad opyne

To mak Breney

The sid of highe grece


To fasse capon or goose

Haddok in covy

Vert sauce

To mak sauce aliper for rost bef


Musculles in brothe

Pik in Brasy

Cony or malard in covy

Pik in galentyne

Tenche in cevy

Chaudron for samon

Codling or kelyng

Lesshe penon

Felettes in galentyne

To mak nombles of porpas or other fische

Chaudron of piggs feet

Bruet rosse

Stewed colopes


Bruet of Kiddes

Pertuche stewed

A lowsid bef

To mail samon rost in sauce

Breme in comfit

Another nombles


Potage of welks

To mak saige synes

Mortins of fisshe

Haires in covy

Hayres in sewe

Hennes in Bruet

ffessand or pertuche

Roo for sewe

Hennes in grave

Capon in couns

Lamprey in Bruet

Tenche in graue


Pommes moiled

Pige harsed

Ffraunt hemelle


Lampry bak


Haddok in cevy

From Ouverture de Cuisine

(France, 1604 - Daniel Myers, trans.)

Hodgepodge of beef

Fried calf liver

Venison hodgepodge

Venison hodgepodge

Pike of another sort

To make chopped carp

To make green Geneva pies

To make white Geneva tarts

To make tarts of turnips

To make Bologna sausage

To make mortadella

To make fine Ceruelade

Bologna Sausage of fish

To make pies of Spanish leaves

To make English pies

To make a pie of Oysters

To make artichoke pie

To make a pie of redressed veal

To make Sturgeon pie

To make a pie of fresh Parsnips

To make snail pies

To make dogfish pie

Another sort

Sturgeon in pottage

Sturgeon Sausage

Sturgeon in adobe

Stuffed Lobster or Crab

The same Lobster or Crab in pottage

To make tripe of Pike

To make tripe of dogfish

To make dogfish pot pies

Boiled Tunny


Boiled Potato





To make a potpourri called "Oylla podrida" in Spanish

To make Tomaselle of liver

Stuffed boiled capon

Portuguese Partridges in pottage

A leg of mutton redressed & boiled

To make a shoulder of mutton stuffed & roasted


Roasted veal liver


Veal head gilded in the same fashion

To garnish a tortoise


To make May eggs

From A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye

(England, mid-16th c.)

To make Pyes

To bake Veneson

For all those fysshes above wrytten yf they muste bee broyled

To bake pygeons in short paest as you make to your baken apples

For to stewe mutton

To stewe stekes of mutton

From Le Recueil de Riom

(France, 15th century)

Vinaigrette of roasted pork intestines

A cinnamon broth

A broth of Savoy

Venison of fresh boar

A yellow broth of fish

English puree

Stew of oysters

On suckling pigs

Green sauce on fish

On heron

And flatfish

From MS Royal 12.C.xii

(England/France, 1340 - D. Myers, trans.)

(none found)

From The Second part of the good Hus-wiues Iewell

(England, 1597)

To boyle mary bones for for dinner.

To boile teales, Mallards, pigeons chines of porke, or Neates tunges all after one sort.

Mutton boyled for supper.

To boyle Mutton with Nauons.

To boyle a Lambes head with purtenaunces.

To boyle Chickens.

To farse a cabbadge for a banquet dish.

To boyle a breast of Veale or Mutton farced.

To boile a Mugget of a sheepe.

To boile Mutton for Supper.

To boile a neates tongue to Supper.

To boile Mallards, Teales, and chines of porke with Cabbadge.

For a Goose gibluts and pigges petitose.

For fricasies of a lambes head and purtenance.

For fricasies of Neates feete for supper.

A fricase of Tripes.

To rost a lambes head.

To make a pie in a pot.

To make allowes to roste or boile.

To make red deere.

To farse all things.

A sop of Onions.

To make gallantine for flesh or fish.

To stewe Oysters.

To bake a Connie, Veale, or Mutton.

To boyle Neates feete.

To boile a pike with orenges a banquet dish.

To boile Roche, Perche and Dase, with other small fish.

To boile a Tench.

For White pease pottage.

To bake porpose or Seale.

To make alloes of fresh Salmon to boile or to bake.

To make a splede Eagle of a pullet.

To boile chickins and mutton after the Dutch fashion.

To make a Haggas pudding.

To make Hagges Puddings.

To make Ising puddings.

To seeth Muscles.

To make a Pudding.

To stewe Steakes.

To boile the lightes of a calfe.

To boile Onions.

To bake Lampernes.

To bake a Citron pie.

An other way to bake Citrons.

To bake Aloes.

To seeth a pike.

To boyle cockles.

To boyle a carpe in greene broth, with a pudding in his bellie.

To bake chickins.

To stew Steakes.

To roste an Hare.

From Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes (MS Harley 5401)

(England, 15th century)
[based on a concordance]

Morterous for Lentyn


To make a Balowbroth

To make Doth

Gely of Fysh

Muskyls Broth

Fruturs of Fygis

For to bake a Gournard


To seth a Tench

Elus Bakyn in Dyshes

Oysters in Brewete

Elis in Brewette

To make a Froyse

To bake a Lawmpray

Muskyls in Gravy

Storgeon in Broth

To make Char de Crabb

From The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook

(Hungary, 16th c.)

Beef With Parsley

Beef With Clean Black Pepper

Roasted Beef With Tarragon and Sage Sauce

Onion Leaves With Beef

Choked Roasted Beef

Cooked Roast Beef

Beef With Rice

Beef With Wild Carrots

Beef With Sorrel

Salted Beef

Beef With Pepper

Beef With Salted Cabbage Once Again

Beef With Thyme

Cow Liver and Kidney With Black Pepper

Cows Tongue and Dug With Red Sauce

Salted Cows Tongue

Cows Leg With Carnation Sauce

Stuffed Cows Tongue

Stuffed Cow Spleen

Cow Intestines With Sliced Bacon

Cow Intestines With Yellow Sliced Bacon

Cow Intestines Stuffed With Sweet Milk

Cow Intestines Stuffed With Rice

Cow Intestines Italian Style

Cow Tongue and Dug With Black Pepper

Blood Sausage

Cows Tongue and Dug With Carnation Sauce

Stuffed Calf Liver

Veal With Dumplings

Fried Calf Liver in Tree Oil

Veal With Sour Sauce

Veal in Pate

Veal With Spicy Sauce

Veal With Black Pepper

Salted Veal Polish Style

Veal With White Bacon Slices

Veal Intestines With Sweet Milk

Calf Intestines With Sour Cream

Veal Brisket Stuffed With Black Pepper

Stuffed Roast Calf Kidney Italian Style

Calf Head With Spicy Sauce

Veal With Spinach

Veal in Pate

Roast Veal With Lemon Juice

Veal With Salted Gooseberries

Roast Veal With Gooseberries Turkish Style

Veal With Lemon and Tarragon

Roast Veal in Paste

Veal in Grape Leaves

Lamb With Sauce

Lamb With Onion Sauce

Lamb With Rice

Lamb With Black Pepper

Lamb With Carrot

Stuffed Lamb Stomach

Young Lamb With Sour Sauce

Young Lamb With Thyme

Young Sheep Intestines

Roasted Young Lamb Thigh With Lemon

Hog Legs With Black Pepper

Hogs Chin and Sides With Fruit Sauce

Hog Chin and Sides With Carnation Sauce

Cold Hog Ears With Black Pepper

Sweet Boar Pork With Black Sauce

Boar Pork With Carnation Sauce

Roast Boar Pork Cooked With Black Pepper

Boar Head Cooked With Sides

When Slaughtering a Hog

Boar With Carnation Sauce

Pork With Black Sauce

Pork With Sweet Sauce

Cold Pork With Spicy Sauce

Cooked Stuffed Pork

Pork With Bacon Slices

Pig Turned Into Sheep

Dishes Made From the Pigs Skin

Goose in Broken Sauce

Goose With Fruit Sauce

Fat Goose With Fruit Sauce

Goose With Zok Sauce

Goose With Black Sauce

Goose With Black Pepper

Goose With White Bacon

Goose With Yellow Bacon

Goose With Carrots

Fat Goose With Carnation Sauce

Goose With German Sauce

Goose With Scorched Sauce

Goose With Millet Porridge

Gosling With Pasta

Gosling With Broken Sauce

Stuffed Gosling

Capon With Raisin Sauce

Hen With Bird Sauce

Hen With Fruit Sauce

Hen With Carnation Sauce

Hen With Pasta

Hen With Rice

Hen With Side Dish

Hen With Spinach

Hen With Hungarian Sauce

Hen With Onion Sauce

Hen With Black Pepper Dust

Hen With Rice Again

Hen With Sage

Hen With German Sauce

Hen With Saxon Sauce

Hen With Black Pepper

Hen With Pasta

Hen or Fat Capon With Salted Cabbage Transylvanian Style

Hen Stuffed With Clean Pepper

Hen Again

Cold Stuffed Hen

Chicken With Spicy Sauce

Chicken Stuffed With Clean Black Pepper

Yellow Stuffed Chicken With Sour Cream

Chicken Stuffed With Shallot

Chicken With Bavarian Sauce

Salted Chicken Polish Style

Chicken With Pate

Cook the Hen

Cooked Hen in Lemon Broth

Chicken With Lost Sauce

Fried Chicken

Chicken With Sour Cream

Pike With Bacon Slices

Pike With Bacon Slices for Fasting

Pike in Broken Sauce

Pike With Clean Pepper

Pike With Clean Pepper Again

Pike With Oily Sauce

Pike With Yellow Polish Sauce

Pike With Polish White Sauce

Pike With Grey Sauce

Pike With Pate

Pike With Garlic

Pike With Carnation Sauce

Roasted Pike

Pike With Spinach

Pike in Sweet Milk or With Sour Cream

Fritter From Fish Roe

Cold Carp With Sauce

Carp With Canvas

Carp With Clean Black Pepper

Carp in Cabbage Broth With Clean Black Pepper

Carp With Oily Sauce in Cabbage Sauce

Tench in Sauce With Clean Black Pepper

Tench Fried in Tree Oil

Sturgeon With Clean Pepper

Beluga With Clean Pepper

Beluga Stomach With Clean Pepper

Beluga With Beluga Sauce

Beluga With Fruit Sauce

Beluga With Spicy Sauce

Cooked Beluga Roes Romanian or Serbian Style

Catfish in Clean Water

Catfish in Cabbage Sauce

Old Catfish Stomach and Liver

Catfish With Green Sauce

Cold Barbel With Spicy Sauce Underneath

Burbot With Guest Sauce

Burbot With Clean Pepper

Burbot in Cabbage Sauce With Clean Pepper

Crucian Carp With Clean Pepper

Trout With Clean Pepper

Trout With Sour Cream

Dry Trout With Pepper

Huchen With Huchen Sauce

Huchen With Clean Pepper

Flounder With Clean Pepper

Fried Goby


Perch With Clean Pepper

Sterlet With Clean Pepper

Cod With Clean Pepper

Cod With Sour Cream

Cod With Sweet Milk

Roasted Cod

Flounder With Clean Pepper

Flounder With Spicy Sauce

They Make Eels Like This Too

Roast Eel With Herbs

How to Soak Octopuses

Octopus in a Different Way


Huchen in Sauce

Green Sauce for Fish

Roasted Salmon

Weatherfish With Black Pepper Dust

Weatherfish With Clean Pepper

Weatherfish With Choked Sauce

Weatherfish With Cabbage

Weatherfish With Boroditom Sauce

Weatherfish With Crushed Sauce

Weatherfish With Beggar Sauce

Weatherfish With Oily Sauce

Weatherfish With Its Blood

Stuffed and Fried Crab

Crab Cheese

Dry Crab

Crab Salad

Stuffed Crab

Crab With Tree Oil

Crab With Sour Cream

Crab With Black Sauce

Stuffed Crab

Venison With Dumplings

Venison With Guest Sauce

Roast Venison in Pate

Whole Roast Deer Backside

Hot Roast Venison

Deers Lung and Liver

Deer Blood Sausage Stuffed With Rice

Roast Roe Deer Thighs

Hare With Black Sauce

Young Stuffed Hare

Coagulated Wine

Bitter Salad

Raw Cabbage Salad

Cucumber Salad

Sparrow With Clean Pepper

Dairy Dish With Black Pepper

Herb Sauce

Herb Sauce

Green Sauce

Ginger Sauce

Crane Sauce

Roast Peafowl Sauce

Stuffed Liver

Bird Sauce

Stuffed Eggs

Sauce for Fish

Cooked Pear

Fried Bread for Fasting

Chickpeas With Oily Sauce

Peas With Pods

Dry Plum

Plum for Fasting


The Next Dishes Are Made From Apple

Stuffed Pear


Cold Quince

Melon Cake

Liver Cake


Carnation Sauce

Ginger Sauce

Sour Cherry Sauce

Green Sauce

Cold Green Sauce

Rose Hip Sauce

Egg Stuffed in Shell

Stuffed Egg White

Egg Sauce

Stuffed Egg White Again

Liquid Scrambled Roasted Eggs

Dryads Saddle With Clean Black Pepper

Roast Dryads Saddle

White Mushroom With Black Pepper

Truffle With Sour Cream

Hares Ear Mushroom With Clean Pepper

Common Stinkhorn With Clean Black Pepper

Stuffed Stinkhorn

Fried Stinkhorn

Truffle Again

Hazel Bolete Mushroom

Penny Bun Mushroom

Birch Bolete Mushroom With Black Sauce

Saffron Milk Cap Mushroom

Dry Sour Cherry Cooked in Wine

About the Green Bean

Peas Again


Pea Sauce

Cucumber Salad

Snail in Tree Oil

Snail in Boiled Beef Water



Wild Carrot Parsnips

Head Cheese

Olla Podrida

Zander Sausage

Macaroni for Fasting


Italian Cabbage

Italian Cabbage

Cooking Lentils

Boiled Barley Grist

Pate From Chestnut and Raisin


Cooking Green Frogs

Carp Pate

Cold Dish From Liver

Apple Porridge

Stuffed Bread Rolls

Honey Pogacha

Stuffing Sausages Italian Style

Knodel for Peasants and Servants

Bread Roll Pieces

Syrup Medicine for the Stomach

From The Treasurie of commodious Conceits

(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)

To bake a Fesant

To bake Woodcoks

A Sawce for a rosted Rabbet

To make Pepper soft

From A Treatise of Portuguese Cuisine from the 15th Century

(Portugal, 15th c. - Fernanda Gomes, trans.)

1 - Pastéis de carne

2 - Tigelada de perdiz

8 - Receita n

14 - Lampreia

15 - Picadinho de carne de vaca

16 - Galinha desfiada

21 - Coelho

22 - Outra receita de galinha mourisca

56 - Fartes (farto

From Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books

(England, 1430)

xiiij - Quystis Scune

xvj - Fylettys en Galentyne

xvij - Garbage

xviij - Pertrich stewyde

xix - Smale Byrdys y-stwyde

xxij - Venyson in Broth

xxiij - Nomblys of the venyson

xxv - Balloke Brothe

xxxj - Brawn en Peuerade

xxxij - Auter brawn en peuerade

xxxiij - Oyle Soppys

xxxviij - Storion in brothe

xl - Oystrys in grauy bastard

xlj - Gelyne in dubbatte

xlij - Conyng, Mawlard, in gely or in cyuey

xlvj - Poumes

xlviij - Tayloures

xlix - Bryndons

lij - Gyngaudre

Liij - Rapeye

lxj - A goos in hogepotte

lxiij - Harys in Cyueye

lxv - Hennys in bruette

lxxxviij - Mammenye bastarde

lxxxix - Elys in Gauncelye

lxxxxj - Vyolette

lxxxxij - Oystrys in bruette

lxxxxiiij - Tenche in bruette

lxxxxv - Tenche in cyueye

lxxxxvj - Tenche in Sawce

lxxxxvij - Chykonys in bruette

Cij - Muskelys in bruette

Cix - Gelye de chare

Cxxiij - Strawberye

Cxxix - A potage on a Fysdaye

Cxl - Egredouncye

Cxliij - Lampreys in galentyn

Cxliiij - Schyconys with the bruesse

Cxlvij - Brwes in lentyn

Cxlix - A Potage

Cliij - Pompys

iij - Pynade

iiij - Gyngerbrede

vj - Auter maner leche lumbarde

viij - Lette lardes

xiij - Vyaund leche

xiiij - Vyaunde leche

xv - Storioun leche

xvj - Chare de wardoun leche

xviij - Vyaund leche

xix - Pome dorres

xxv - Hagws of a schepe

xxvj - Frawnchemyle

xxx - Alows de Beef or de Motoun

xxxj - To make Stekys of venson or bef

xxxij - A Siryppe pur vn pestelle

xxxiij - Pygge y-farsyd

xxxiiij - Poddyng of Capoun necke

xxxv - Capoun or gos farced

xl - Puddyng of purpaysse

xli - Raynolle3

xlvij - Rapeye

liij - Lesynges de chare

lvij - Froyse out of Lentyn

lviij - Ryschewys close and Fryez

lxij - Chawettys a-forsed

lxiij - Fretoure owt of lente

lxiiij - Towres

i - Tartes de chare

ij - A-nother manere

iij - A-nother manere

vj - Tartes of Fyssche

vij - Chawettys

x - Rapeye

xj - Tartes of Frute in lente

xvj - Crustade

xix - Venyson y-bake

xxj - Quyncis or Wardouns in past

xxij - Lamprouns y-bake

xxiij - Lamprays bake

xxiiij - Tartes de chare

xxix - Flampoyntes bake

xxxv - Crustade

xxxvij - Doucettes

xxxix - Daryoles

Nombles of Veneson

Venyson in broth

Browne in egurdouce

Brawne in peuard


Pigge or chiken in Sauge

Stwed Beeff

Stwed Mutton

Venyson ybake


Tartus of fflesh

Grete pyes


Pikkyll pour le Mallard

Sauce sermstele

Sauce oylepeuer

Sauce Verte

Sauce galentyne

Partrich stwed

Conyng, hen, or Mallard

Gelyne endobat

Gelyne in brothe

Chik farsed

Chike endored

Goce or Capon farced

ffelettes in galentyne

Losinges de chare


Lethe lory



Elys in Sorre

Ballok broth

Muscules in broth

Muscules in Shelle


Auter leche lumbard


Malmens bastard





Gele of peson

Risschewes de frute

Quynces or Wardones in paast

Tart de ffruyte

Lamprey I-bake

Sauce pour lamprey

Lamprons in Galentyne

Lamprons ybake

Oystres in cevey

Pike in galentyne

Pike in brase

Auter pike in Galentyne

Sturgeon in broth

Sturgeon pour porpeys

Another diting of a tenche

Chared coneys, or chardwardon


Sauce alepeuere

Sauce galentyne

Sauce rous

Sauce for stokfysshe in an-other maner

Sauce vert

Sauce gauncile

Piper for feel and for venysoun

Sauce newe for malardis



Haddoke in Cyuee

Chauudon of fissh

Mortrowes of fissh

Crane roste

From Le Viandier de Taillevent

(France, ca. 1380 - James Prescott, trans.)

Boar venison

Pork intestine

White capon soup

Stuffed piglet or pig

Roast geese and goslings


Subtlety of a swan reclothed in its skin including its plumage

Jelly of slimy fish

Lamprey in galantine

Saracen soup



Fresh salmon

To make Cameline [Sauce]

Spices needed for this viandier

To clarify red wine

Here is how you make the pottage called menjoire

Crayfish stew

Meat rosy

Partridge trimolette

Black Pepper [Sauce]

Sauce for keeping saltwater fish

Spice Powder

Yellow Pepper [Sauce]

From Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany

(England, 1460)


Eles yne sorre

Pylets yn sarcene

To make umbelys of a dere

Chaudon of Salmon

Cokkes of kellyng

Felets yn galentyne

Leche proven

Purpays yn Galanteyn

Purpays or Venyson in broth

Conynggez in Cyve


Chaudon of Pigges fete

Bruet of lumbardy

Bruet of Almayn

Bruet roos

Stewy colops

Bruet tuskyn

Bruet of kedes

Stewyde pertrych

A losed beef

Salmon rostyd in sauce

Betrayn yn lentyn

Betreyn in flesch tyme

Storgeon for sopers

Dyvers desire

Gely on fysch days


Chaudon of Swan or of wylde goose

Wellyd pepyr for rostyd veele

Tartes of Flesch

Bakyn purpays

Pyes of flesch capons and fesaunttes


The Syde of a Dere of His Grece


Goose or Capons Farsyd

Haddok yn Cyve

From Wel ende edelike spijse

(Dutch, late 15th c. - Christianne Muusers, trans.)

Capons with green sauce

Who wants to make stuffing


Whisked (?) greens

Swan's neck

"Vivees" are made thus

Galantine for 100 lampreys

To make a pepper sauce

Pipes (long pasties?)

Sucking pig

Stuffed small chickens


Boiled and larded hare

Tench with pepper [sauce] in this way

If you want to eat eel

Partridges with cumin sauce


Sheep's penis for the foodie

Stuffed capon

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