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From Alte Kochrezepte aus dem bayrischen

(Germany, ~1500 - V. Bach, trans.)

Pepper sauce for fish

Another fritter

From Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334]

(England, 1425)

Blaunche bruet of almayn

Sauce Madame

From An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book

(Italy, ~1400 - Ariane Helou, trans.)

(Grainy Broth)

A Pie

Coppo of Chicken

A Tile of Other Things

The Garden

From An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook

(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)

Murri is not suitable to be used unless of the infused sort

With regard to vinegar

Recipe of a Summer Dish of Praised Nutrition with Sour Grape Juice and Gourd

Another Like It


Preparing Râhibi

Jannâniyya (the Gardener's Dish)

Preparation of Zulâbiyya

A Sweet Called Ma'qûda

Syrup of Sour Grapes

From A Book of Cookrye

(England, 1591)

To boyle a Cony with a Pudding in his Belly.

A Pudding in a Cowcumber.

To make a Chickin Pye.

From Ein Buch von guter spise

(Germany, ca. 1345 - Alia Atlas, trans.)

32*. Wilt du machen einen agraz (How you want to make an agraz)

34. Ein salse (A sauce)

60. Von krapfen (Of krapfen)

From Recipes from John Crophill's Commonplace Book

(England, 1485)

(none found)

From Delights for Ladies

(England, 1609)

(none found)

From MS Douce 257

(England, 1381)

(none found)

From Du fait de cuisine

(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)

(none found)

From Een notabel boecxken van cokeryen

(Netherlands, ca. 1510 - C. van Tets, trans.)

More Pies

From Enseignements qui enseingnent a apareillier toutes manieres de viandes

(France, ca. 1300 - D. Myers, trans.)

(none found)

From Forme of Cury

(England, 1390)

Sawse Madame

Chykens In Hocchee

From Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7]

(England, 1390)

.xxx. Sauce madame.

.xxxiiij. Chykens in hocche.

From Gentyll manly Cokere (MS Pepys 1047)

(England, ca. 1500)

(none found)

From The Good Housewife's Jewell

(England, 1596)

To boile Chickens

An other bakemeate for Chickins

From Das Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard

(Germany, 15th century - V. Bach, trans.)

Grapes that are sweet and white and have thin skins are easily digested if they are sweet

From Koge Bog

(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)

LXXI - Baked damascene raisins called Zibebe

From Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin

(Germany, 16th century - V. Armstrong, trans.)

5 How to cook a wild boar's head

20 If you would roast a good fat quail

50 To make a grape pudding

93 If you would make a grape tart

98 If you would make a pastry with small birds

156 To make a grape pudding

200 To make a raisin tart

204 How to make verjuice from early grapes

From Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]

(England, 1430)

Chekyns in browet

Sawce madame

For white pese after porray

From Libre del Coch

(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)


29. Another Pottage of COriander Called the Second Celiandrate

83. To make a good comforting verjuice



155. Another Very Good French Mustard Which Lasts All Year

173. Sauce which is called cinnamon of must

179. Emperor's Sauce

187. Swordfish in crust

From Due Libri di Cucina - Libro B

(Italy, 15th c. - Rebecca Friedman, trans.)

X To make a sauce for peacocks

XI To make a roast

XVI To make an Eastern tart

From Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco

(Italy, 14th/15th c. - Louise Smithson, trans.)

VII - Good taste / relish of chickens (pullets)

XVII - Capons or hens stuffed

XXXII - Jelly in another way

LXVI - Roast in sauce good and perfectly optimal

From Le Menagier de Paris

(France, 1393 - Janet Hinson, trans.)

Third service

For dessert: compete

Platter: Grapes and peaches in little pies

CABBAGES are of five kinds: the best are those which have been touched with frost

Heads of cabbage

TAILLIS to be served in Lent




A MUST SAUCE (for Starlings? don't think so: JH)




Pork in Pastry

From The Neapolitan recipe collection

(Italy, 15th c - T. Scully, trans.)

Cockerels Boiled with Verjuice

Black Grape Sauce

Sauce of Sour Cherries or of Ordinary Cherries

Slavic Cooking Sauce

Snails for Meat-Days

From A NEVV BOOKE of Cookerie

(England, 1615)

Another way to boyle Chickens

To bake Chickins with Grapes

A Pudding of Veale

To boyle a Rabbet with Grapes or Gooseberryes

Another way

From A Noble Boke off Cookry

(England, 1468)

To mak sauce madame

Chewettes of beef

To fasse capon or goose

Chekins in brothe

From Ouverture de Cuisine

(France, 1604 - Daniel Myers, trans.)

(none found)

From A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye

(England, mid-16th c.)

To bake chekins in lyke paest

From Le Recueil de Riom

(France, 15th century)

A stew of pork entrails

Verjuice sauce

And flatfish

Roasted eels

From MS Royal 12.C.xii

(England/France, 1340 - D. Myers, trans.)

Browet sek


From The Second part of the good Hus-wiues Iewell

(England, 1597)

To make Peares to be boiled in meate

For fricasies of Neates feete for supper.

To make allowes to roste or boile.

To bake aloes of Veale or Mutton.

To bake a Connie, Veale, or Mutton.

From Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes (MS Harley 5401)

(England, 15th century)
[based on a concordance]

(none found)

From The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook

(Hungary, 16th c.)

Beef With Horseradish

Roast Beef With Must

Cows Tongue and Dug With Red Sauce

Cows Leg With Carnation Sauce

Stuffed Calf Liver

Calf Head With Spicy Sauce

Veal in Grape Leaves

Stuffed Lamb Stomach

Hogs Chin and Sides With Fruit Sauce

Boar Pork With Carnation Sauce

Cold Pork With Spicy Sauce

Hen With Bird Sauce

Chicken With Grape Gooseberries

Pike in Broken Sauce

Pike With Yellow Polish Sauce

Pike With Carnation Sauce

Roasted Pike

Carp With Dry Oily Sauce

Dry Sturgeon With Oily Sauce

Beluga With Beluga Sauce

Beluga in Oily Sauce

Huchen With Huchen Sauce

Cooking the Eel

Roasted Salmon

Stuffed and Fried Crab

Crab Cheese

Stuffed Crab

Stuffed Porridge

Fried Dairy Dish

Dairy Dish Cooked in Water

Dairy Dish Cooked in a Plate


Mashed Peas



Melon Cake

Rice Cake

Milk Cake

Egg Cake

Flower Cake

Salted Cabbage Stuffing


Egg Stuffed in Shell

Stuffed Egg White

Stuffed Egg White Again

Egg Cheese

Mashed Peas

Italian Pretzel

Macaroni for Fasting

Sweet Rice With Oil

Almond Milk and Its Many Powers

Yet Another Method

Boiled Barley Grist

Storing Grapes for a Whole Year

Making and Storing Gooseberries

From The Treasurie of commodious Conceits

(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)

(none found)

From A Treatise of Portuguese Cuisine from the 15th Century

(Portugal, 15th c. - Fernanda Gomes, trans.)

1 - Pastéis de carne

From Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books

(England, 1430)

xxxv - Capoun or gos farced

Goce or Capon farced

Sauce for a gos

From Le Viandier de Taillevent

(France, ca. 1380 - James Prescott, trans.)

Pork intestine

Grape dish

Grape Sauce

Must Sauce

From Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany

(England, 1460)

(none found)

From Wel ende edelike spijse

(Dutch, late 15th c. - Christianne Muusers, trans.)

Young chickens with raspeite (?) in the summer

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