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Lech Lumbard

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
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Lech lumbard. Claryfye hony put ther to poudyr lat hit boyle longe put ther to almonds cut smal and gradyd bred that hit be chargeaunt stere hit well to gedyr lat hit nought boyle to longe for brennyng of the almondys take gratyd bred & strew on a clene borde take hit out of the pott & lay ther on & strew on more gratyd bred and couch hit to gynger gedyr that hit ren nought a brod when hit ys cold cut hit in brod leches & serve forth ij or iij yn a dysch & strew on poudyr of gynger If thu may hete hit have smal konenys by fore & poure hit ther yn & serve hit in the stede of cold bakemete or yf thu wilt poure hit by hit sylf and crem of almonds or els mylke a stondyng potage of quynsys or of fruet colourd yolow & fil hit up that othir syde & strew ther on anneys in confyte & othir dragge what thu wylte & serve hit forth cold.


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