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hare Or goose Powdryd In wortys

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
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Hare or goose powdryd in wortys. Take good brothe of beef and of othir good flesh & mary bonys do hit in a potte sett hit ovyr the fuyre chop an hare in pecys and do ther to and yf thu wille weshe hym yn the same broth that thu wille boyll hym yn then draw the broth thorow a strayner with all the blod then take caulys & the white of lekys and othyr herbes and ottemele and hew hem small to gedyr and yf hit be an olde hare lete hym boyle well or thu caste yn the wortys yf he be a yonge hare cast hym and thy wortys to gadyr also take a goose of a day and a nyght powdryng chop here & put here in the wortys yn the same maner.


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