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Brawn In Confyte

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
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Brawn in confyte. Seth fresch brawn till hit be y nowghe than paryt grynd hit in a morter temper hit up with almond milke draw hit thorow a streyner into a pott do ther to sygire & poudyr y nowe of clovys let hit boyle take floure of canell and poudyr of clowys a god quantite do ther to boyle hit do ther to poudyr of gynger take hit oute of the pott & do hit in a lynnyn cloth & presse hit ther yn than lech hit fayre but nott to thynne then take ribbys of a bore al bare & shote hem endelong thorow the leches & serve forth a lech or ij yn a dysch.


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