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This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
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(untitled). Take caules and stryp hem fro the stalkes and betes borage an ane vyolet malves percely betayn prymrose paciens the wyghthe lekes croppes of netels perboyle hem & ley hem on a borde presse out the watyr hewe hem small and do ther to otemele take the broth of the congure turbut othir good fysche as of salmon do hit in a pott withe the foresaid herbes when the broth ys at the boylyng caste in the wortys & the herbes boyle hem up loke they be salte and yf thou lacke brothe boyle elys take hem up stripp of the fysch from the bonys grynd hit tempre hit with the selfe broth do al to gedyr in a pott un to the wortys be forsayd & boyle hem up also then mayste yf thou wil sethe mustulis sett hem over the fyre and do to hem as moche watyr as thay may flete yn boyle hem tyll they opyn then poure oute the broth thorow a streynour pyke the mustulys grynd hem tempere hem up with the silfe broth and draw hem thorough a streynour take the same manner of herbes as thu dedist by fore and the broth of the mustulys sette on the fyre boyle hem up when the herbes be boyled y nought caste in the mustulys drowe yn salte and yf thou wylte thou mayste draw pesyn thorow a streynere and make up the wortys with fayre watyr put ther yn clere oylle lete them be frydd in by fore the boylyng & lay up with the forsayde peson and lete none ottemele come ther yn also thou mayste yf thow will perboyle the white of lekeys and presse out the watyr hew them smalle take canbenys and fayre watyr & sett hem on the fyre & when they boyle doyn the white of lekys loke none ottemele come ther yn salt them & serve them forth.


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