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congur turbutt halibut Poyled

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
The original source can be found at

Congur Turbutt Halibut Poyled. Scale a congur nott yn hott watyr for brestyng of the hedde & yf thu wylt thu may cleve hym cut thy congur a lytyll by fore the navyll by the bely that thu may louse the gutte take hit out at the thorte & the lyver at the gutte & the draght cut all the bely ovir thwarte yn round pecys loke thy hore be shavyn a wey fro the bakke & of the bely to the tayle & all the fysch shall be shavyn clene so that the skyn be nott a wey & hit be ryght white draw thy turbut by the wyn by neth the gill & cut of the hedde & the white sydd fro the blacke & gedyr of thy gyll with a knyfe on both sydes yf thy turbut be large clene doun ryght enlong & yf he be lytill cut hym ovyr twharte & enddlong thy rybbys chyne & all thy halibut cut yn the same maner & cast hit fayre watyr & kepe hit white make thy sauce of fayre watyr and yf thu do eny salt ther to let hit be but a lytyll when hit boyleth scome hit clene when the congur ys y now take hit up with a scomer & ley hit yn a vessell with fayre watyr & salt & have fayr watyr & salt yn an othir vessell & when the turbut & thy halybutt ys boyled poure out the broth & put yn a lytyll cold watyr & salt upon the fysch with thy hond for brekyng & ley hit yn watyr & salt & serve congure ij or iij pecys on a chargeor for thy sovaynys & strew on foyles of percelley & serve the remnaunt for othir men & sauce hit with vergeys & of the turbut or of the halybut ley on or two of the broddyse yn a chargeour & sauce hit with verge sauce & strew on foyles of percelley.


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