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Pylets Yn Sarcene

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
The original source can be found at

Pylets yn sarcene. Take fresch porke or motyn sodyn peke out the bonys hew the flesch small & grynd hit smal yn a morter and temper hit with eyron yn the gryndyng putt ther to pepyr safferyn & salt take fresch broth clene tryed set yt over the fyre in large vessell lete hit boyle then sesyn hit with the same colour then make smal rounde ballys put hem yn a boylyn broth & lete hem boyle ther yn tyll they be y now then take hem up lete hem drye lete thy broth keyl blow of the fat take almondys wesch hem temper hem up with the same broth draw ther of a kynd mylke put the mylke in a swete potte set hit on the fyre put ther to powdyr of pepyr & canell & a pertyon of sawndrys to colour hit sarcene colour loke thy most colour be of hys owne kynde put ther yn clowys macys reysons of coraunce lete hit boyle as thy seyyst that good ys yf hit be tt thike a lay hit with swete wyne and do ther to sugur when thy spycez beth tendour put yn peletys in the same broth ghyf hym atarage of poudyr of pepyr of gynger and vergys & serve forth the pelets with the bruet iij or iiij yn a dysche as a potage for the secunde course.


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