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capon Stewed

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
The original source can be found at

Capon Stewed. Take percellye sauge ysope rosemary & tyme & breke hit a lytyll bytwyne thy hondys & stop thy capons ther with safron & couch hem in an yryn potte yf thu have or els in a brase potte & ley splynters coundyr neth & all a boutes by the sydes so that the capons touch nevyr the bottom othir the sydys of the pot & strew of the same erbys in the pott a monge the herbys be forsaydd & the capons put a quantite & a pynt of the best vyne that thu may gete ther to & no nothir lycour & whelme a sylver dysch a bovyn that the breze be with yn the pott brede or els take a lede that ys made ther for & make a bature of the white of eyron & floure & poure a bovyn the brerdys of the ledd & stop yn with lyn cloth or papyr a mongge the bature by twyne the sydd & the pott so that the broth go not out loke hit be thik of bature & set the pott on charcole fyre to the myddys of the pott and ley a quelyne on the ledd so that hit ryse not with the hete & lete hit stew esyly & longe when thy trouyst hit ys ynowghe take hit fro the fyre yf ys a pott of erth set hit on a wipis of stre that hit touch nott the grownd for brekyng of the pott & when the hete ys well ovir passyd take out the capons with a pike & ley hem in a nothir vessell till thu have sey hem that they be ynowghe and yf hit be nede couch hem in a ghen & stop the pott a ghen & stew hem better & make a good styrip of wyne & mynsyd datys & kanell drawyn with the same wyne & reysons of corauns sigure safron & boyle hit a lytyll then take hit from the fyre medyll hit with poudyr of gynger & with a lytyll of the same wyn do ther to ley the capons on dischys & do a wey the fat of the sewe & do the syrip to the sewe & poure a bovyn on the capons & serve hem forth over a rib of befe & a capon to gedyr in a dysch.


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