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heyron Rostyd

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
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Heyron Rostyd. Let a heyron blode in the bouth as a crane & cut a wey the bone in the nekke & let the hed sit styll to the sknyn of the neke draw hym at the wente do hym on a spitte & wynd the skyn of the neke a boute the spitte & putt the hed yn at the golet as of a crane & breke awey the bone fro the necke to the fonte and lett the skyn be still & cut a wey the whyngys by the iounte nexte the body & bynd the leggys with the skyn of his legges to the spitte rost hym reys his leggys & hys whyngys as of a crane & sauce hym with poudyr of gyngour venygour & mustard & set hym forth.


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