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This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
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Gingaudre. Take the hedde of hake fysch the sound and the lever do hit in a pott to gadyr make clene the poke of the sayd hake and do hit ther to sethe hit well in brothe of the selfe fisch or fayre watyr tyll hit be tendour then take yt up lay hit on a bord peke a wey the bondys & safe the fysch hole dyse the lever & the sound yf the poke be not tendour y now sethe hit bettyr and do hit to gedyr kut white brede temper hit with the same brothe and wyne draw hit thorow a lyour put yn a pott put ther to poudyr of pepyr gynger and poudyr of canell and a good colour of sandryn set hit on the fyre ster hit when hit boyleth put hit in the fysch and ster hit esely for brekyng and sesyn hit up with powdyr of gynger and a lytyll venyger & salt then lete hytt no more boyle thu may yf thu wilte take the sound and the lever & the poke of the codlyng and make hit in the same manere.


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