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Crustad Lumbard

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
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Crustad lumbard. Make large cofynys take datys pyke out the skynnys & yf thu wilte thu may cut thy datys or els stop hem with blanch poudyr with yn & do ther to grete gobets of marye & couch ther yn rabets with the marye & small bryddys perboylyd well in fat broth & couch in ther to clovis macys reysons of corauns & fry pynes & strew theron & set hem yn ther own syrip of creme of cowmylke yolkes of eyron & good poudyr sygure saundres safron & salt fyl hem ther with and on fisch days boyle wardons tendyr or othir perys pare hem & hole hem at the crown fil hem full of blaunch poudyr & turne yn the pouydyr of gyngour that the poudyr lese ther yn & set hem in cofyns & the stalkes upward & yf thu wilte thu may turne hem that they be hid yn bature & fry hem or thu couch hem let no flesch come ther to make thy syripe of thicke mylke of almondys make up thu crustardys as thu dedyst on fisch days when they be bake yf thu wilte thy may gylte the stalkys of the perys & syve hem forth.


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