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Fresch lamprey bakyn

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
The original source can be found at

Fresch lamprey bakyn. Take lamprey do hem in a pott do ther to a porcyon of rede wyne & stop the pott a bovyn that the lepe nought out when he ys endyng take hym out & put hym in scaldyng watyr & take hym in a lynnen cloth in thy hond & a handfull of hey in that othir hond & strip hem well that alle the glame go a wey & save the skyn hole then wesch hym & kepe hym clene & cut hym a lytyll over twarte a straw brede by fore the navyll so that the stryng be lose then slete hym a lytyll at the throte & take out the stryng & save the blode in a vessell yf he be a female thrist hym in thy honde from the navill upward so that the spaune come out there that take out the stryngys yf thu wilte bone hym slyte hym a lytyll in the same place with yn so that thu may come to the bone & louse the bone with a pyke fro thy fysch & as esyly as thu may drawe awey the bone fro thy tayle that hit come out hole & wynd the bone aboughte youre hond & alwey as hit comith out w wynd hit up & gedyr hit out hole aftyrward othe ch thy lamprey outward over the bake syde eche pece iij fyngerys brode ofn lynye so that hit hold to gedyr & toyle hym well in his oune blode yf thu wilte make thyn be somdele brown & take good wyn to the bakyng of the lamprey & halfe pynte will one to youre brede theryn draw hit make hit nought to chargeaunt yf thu wilte thu may draw a few reysons & draw hit up with than loke the fiste paerte be venygger do ther to poudyr of canell a grete dele poudyr of galentyn poudyr lumbard poudyr gynger sawndres sigure saffron & salt yf thu wilt lev hit be thyn brown & yolowe make thy colour more of saundres make a large kosyne of paryd floure do youre lamprey ther yn & poure in galentyne so that hit stond as hye as the lamprey loke hit have a good lyde & a wete the brerdys al a boute & ley uppon put a penne by twyne the lede & the cofine & close hit al aboute till you come to the penne then blow thy penne that the syde ryse al aboute then take out thy penne close hit fast then have a good pele & sethit esyly on the oven & bake hit esyly & longe sokyng To make soppys in galentyn in a vessell & put ther to wyn & medle hit to gedyr till hit be smoth do sigure and yf hit nede put to more poudyr & medyll in fere that hit be somdele thyn then put hit in a pott of erthe set hit on colys of fyre tyll hit be at boylyng & stere hit well have white brede cut yn shyvers as brewys & tost hit a lytyll & then bast hit & poure some of the same galentyn in the same cofyne so that hit may wete the botom & couch ther some of youre brede & poure yn more galentyne then couche yn the remnaunt of youre brede & couch yn the remnaunt of youre galentyne & ley on the lede & serve hit forth.


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