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creme Of almondys

This is an excerpt from Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany
(England, 1460)
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Creme of almondys. Blaunch grynd hem kepe hem as white as thy may & tempyr hem up with thike mylke with fayre watyr drawe hit put hit in a clene pott sette hit on the fyre stere hit well when hit by gynneth to seth take hit of yf thy have moch do ther to a dischfull of wyn venyger yf ther be a lytyll do ther yn to the pott lete hyt stond a whyle have a clene cloth holden on a bord by twyxt ij men or iiij men strat cast the creme ther yn with a ladyll as brod as they cloth & rubbe thy cloth undyr neth with a ladyll toward [crossed out: the] & froward so that thy may draw out all the watyr then gedyr hit to gedyr in to the myddyl of the cloth & bynd the corners to gedyr honge hit on a pynne & lett the watyr soke out do hit on a bolle & tempyr hit up with white wyn bose hit with a sawcer til hit be as softe as thy wolt have hit.


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