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partridge trimolette

This is an excerpt from Le Viandier de Taillevent
(France, ca. 1380 - James Prescott, trans.)
The original source can be found at James Prescott's website

Partridge trimolette. Prepare them, roast them on the spit until they are nearly done, remove them from the spit, quarter them or leave them whole, and put them in a fine clean pot. Chop onions as finely as you can, fry them in a bit of lard, and throw them on top of the partridges, and shake the pot often. Take some chicken livers with a little bread, brown well on the grill, soak [in beef broth], strain through cheesecloth, and throw on your partridge meat. Afterwards, take fine cinnamon, a bit of ginger, some whole cloves, grains_of_paradise (a bit more generously) and long pepper, and steep in good Hippocras. This done, put everything in your pot, throw some sugar on top, and cover your pot very well so that no steam escapes. When you wish to remove it from the fire, add just a bit of vinegar, but do not let it boil.


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