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Lxxxvij - Maumenye Ryalle

This is an excerpt from Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at the University of Michigan's "Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse"

lxxxvij - Maumenye ryalle. Take Vernage, other strong Wyne of the beste that a man may fynde, an putte it on a potte, and caste ther-to a gode quantyte of pouder Canelle, and sette it on the fyre, an 3if it an hete; and thanne wrynge it soft thorw a straynoure, that the draf go nowt owte, and put on a fayre potte, and pyke fayre newe pynys, and wasshe hem clene in Wyn, and caste a gode quantyte ther-to, and take whyte Sugre ther-to, as moche as the lycoure is, and caste ther-to; and draw a few Sawnderys wyth strong wyne thorwe a straynoure, an caste ther-to, and put alle on on [sic; correction = In one] potte, and caste ther-to Clowys, a gode quantyte, and sette it on the fyre, and 3if it a boyle; then take Almaundys, and draw hem with mythty Wyne; and at the firste boyle ly it vppe with Ale, and 3if it a boyle, and sette it on the fyre, and caste ther-to tesyd brawn, (of (Note: In.) defaute of Pertriche or Capoun,) a gode quantyte of tryid Gyngere perase, (Note: ? meaning) and sesyn it vppe with pouder Gyngere, and Salt and Safroun; and 3if it is to stondyng, a-ly it with Vernage or swete Wyne, and dresse it Flat with the backe of a Sawcere in the Vernage or my3thty Wyne, and loke that thou haue Sugre y-nowe, and serue forth hote.


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