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Xxxv - Crustade

This is an excerpt from Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at the University of Michigan's "Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse"

xxxv - Crustade. Take a cofyn, and bake hym drye; then take Marw-bonys and do ther-in; thenne nym hard 3olkys of Eyroun, and grynde hem smal, and lye hem vppe with Milke; than nym raw 3olkys of Eyroun, and melle hem a-mong chikonys y-smete, and do ther-inne; and yf thou luste, Smal birdys; and a-force wyl thin comade with Sugre or hony; than take clowys, Mace3, Pepir, and Safron, and put ther-to, and salt yt; and than bake, and serue forth.


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