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Xxx - Sew Trappe

This is an excerpt from Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at the University of Michigan's "Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse"

xxx - Sew trappe. Take .ij. lytel erthen pannys, and sette on the colys (Note: A. on the colys, Harl. vp colde) tyl they ben hote; make a dyssche-fulle of thikke bature of Floure and Watere; take and grece a lytel that other panne, and do the bater ther-on; and lat renne al a-bowte the panne, so that the pan be al y-helyd; take and sette the panne a-3en ouer the fyre of colys; do that other panne a-boue that other panne, tyl it be y-baken y-now; whan it is y-bake, that it wol a-ryse fro the eggys of the panne, take kydes Fleyssche and 3ong porke, and hew it; take Percely, ysope, and Sauerey and hew hit (Note: Added from A.) smal y-now; and throw a-mong the Fleyssche; (Note: A. adds " [take salt and do ther-to, take the fleysshe] and do hit on the panne." ) and do it in a panne, and the cofynne, do it to the colys; hele it with that other panne, and do colys a-bouyn, and lat baken wyl; whan it is y-now, take Eyroun, and breke hem; take the 3olkes, and draw thorw a straynoure: caste to the 3olkys Hwyte Sugre, Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale; sture it wyl to-gederys; take al this, and sette a-doun the panne, and cast in a-bouyn the cofynne in the panne: sture it to-gederys; hele it a3enward with that other panne, and lay colys a-boue, and lat bake wyl tyl it be y-now; take yt owt of the panne, and do it out y-hole, or as moche as thow wolt, and thanne serue it forth.


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