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Xxiij - lamprays Bake

This is an excerpt from Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at the University of Michigan's "Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse"

xxiij - Lamprays bake. Take and make fayre round cofyns of fyne past, and take Freyssche lampreys, and late hem blode .iij. fyngerys with-in the tayle, and lat hem blede in a vesselle, and late hym deye in the same vesselle in the same blode; than take broun Brede, and kyt it, and stepe it in the Venegre, and draw thorw a straynoure; than take the same blode, and pouder of Canel, and cast ther-to tyl it be broun; than caste ther-to pouder Pepir, Salt, and Wyne a lytelle, that it be no3t to strong of venegre. An skald the Lampray, and pare hem clene, and couche hym round on the cofyn, tyl he be helyd; (Note: covered) than kyuere hym fayre with a lede, saue a lytel hole in the myddelle, and at (Note: Harl. ellys. A. ell, altered to at) that hool, blow in the cofynne with thin mowthe a gode blast of Wynde. And sodenly stoppe the hole, that the wynd a-byde with-ynne, to reyse vppe the cofynne, that he falle nowt a-dowune; and whan he is a lytel y-hardid in the ouen, pryke the cofyn with a pynne y-stekyd on a roddys ende, for brekyng of the cofynne, and than lat bake, and serue forth colde. And when the lamprey is take owt of the cofynne and etyn, take the Syrippe in the cofynne, and put on a chargere, and caste Wyne ther-to, an pouder Gyngere, and lat boyle in the fyre. Than take fayre Paynemayn y-wette in Wyne, and ley the soppis in the cofynne of the lamprey, and ley the Syrippe a-boue, and ete it so hot; for it is gode lordys mete.


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