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Xij - Vn Vyaunde Furne3 San3 Noum De Chare

This is an excerpt from Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at the University of Michigan's "Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse"

xij - Vn Vyaunde Furne3 san3 noum de chare. Take stronge Dow, and make a cake sumdele thicke, and make it tow; than take larde3 of Venysoun, or a bere, or of a Bere, and kerue hem thinne as Fylettes of Porke, and lay thin lardys square as a chekyr, and ley ther-vppe a tyne y-makyd of Eyroun vppe-on the tyne; ley thin farsure, y-makyd of Hennys, and of Porke, of Eyroun, and myid brede, and Salt, and chese, yf thou it hast; and that it be makkyd at .iiij. tymes. Fyrst make thus thin whyte farsure: grynd in a mortere, Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale; take then almaundys and floure of Rys, and a party of Fleysshe, and caste ther-to in a mortere, and grynd ry3th smal, and temper it with Eyroun. thus make thin 3elow Farsure: nym Safroun, Gyngere, Canel, Galyngale, Brede, and a partye of thin Fleyssche, and grynd it smal in the mortere, and temper it vppe with Eyroun. The thryd maner schal ben blake: nym Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale, Brede, Eyroun, and Old chese; nym than Percely, and grynd it smal in a mortere, and wryng it and do it vppe; and do it to thin Fleyssche, and ther-with coloure thin fayre partye of Fleyssche, and ley a party of thin Fleyssche on .iiij. quarterys, but that the brede be as thin cake; take then and ley ther-vppe-on thin Fleyssche, and lay ther-vppe-on a grece; a-boue thin grece ley thi cyvey; nym thin thridde cours of thin Flessche, and lay as brode as thin cake, and than grece, and ther a-bouyn, a cyvey. ley the iiij. course of thin Fleyssche on .iiij. quarterys as brode as thin cake, and than grece, and than a-boue, a cyuey. The .v. cours of thin Fleyssche, ley as brode as thine cake, and then grece, and than aboue, a cyuey. Nym the .vj. cours, and lay as brode as thin cake, and than grece, and than a cyuey. Nym the .viij. cours of the Fleysshe, and lay as brode as thin cake on .iiij. quarterys, and grece, and than a cyvey; and a lytel bake hem, and serue forth.


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