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To Make A Marchpane Cap.ix

This is an excerpt from The Treasurie of commodious Conceits
(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)
The original source can be found at

To make a Marchpane Cap.ix. TAke halfe a .li. of blanched Almons, & of white sugre: a quarter of a .lb.: of Rosewater, halfe an ounce: & of Damaske water, asmuche. Beate the Almons with a little of the same water, and grinde them til thei be smal: let them on a few coles of fier, til thei wax thick: then beate them agayne with the Sugre, fine: Then mixt the sweet waters and them together: and so gather the, & fashion your Marchpane. Then take Wafercakes of the broadest makyng, cut them square, paste them together with a lytle licour, and when you haue made the as brode as wil serue your purpose, haue redy made a hoope of a greene hasell wand of the thiknes of halfe an inch on the inner syde smothe, and on ye vttersyde round & smooth without any knags: lay this hoope vpon your wafer cakes foresayed, & the fyl your hoop wt the geare aboue named, the thicknes of ye hoop: the same driuen smoothe aboue wt the backe of a Siluer Spoon as ye do a Tarte and cut awaye al the partes of the Cakes euen close by the outsyde of the hoope wt a sharp knife, that it maye be rounde, then haueing white paper vnderneathe it, set it vpon a warme hearthe, or vpon an instrumet of Iron or bras made for the same purpose, or into an Ouen after the breade is taken out, so it be not stopped, it may not bake but only be hard and through dryed, and ye may while it is moyst stick it full of Comfets of sundrye coolers, in a comely order ye muste moyst it ouer with Rose water and Suger together, make it smoothe: and so set it in the Ouen or other instrumet, ye clearer it is lyke lanterne horne, so much the more commended: if it be through dried, and kept in a dri & warme aire: a march pane will laste many yeares, it is a comfortable meat, meete for weake folks, such as haue loste the taste of meats by reason of much and long sicknesse. The greatest secret that is in the makynge of this cleare, is with a little fyne flowre of Ryse, Rosewater and Suger beaten together & layd thin ouer the marchpane ere it go to dryinge: this wyll make it shine lyke Ice, as Ladyes reporte.


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