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How To Make A Soueraigne Water

This is an excerpt from The Treasurie of commodious Conceits
(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)
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How to make a soueraigne Water, that M. Doctor Steeueyns Phisicion, a man of great knowledge and cunnyng, did practise: and vsed of long experience. And therwith did very many Cures, and kept it always secret, tyll of late a little before his death, a speciall friend of his, dyd get it in visityng of him. Cap. lxvii The Receipt. TAke a Gallon of good Gascoyne Wyne: then take Gynger, Gallyngale, Camamyll, Cynamon, Nutmegs, Grains Cloues, Mace, Annys seedes, Fenel seedes, Carawayes seedes: of euery of them a dram. Then take Sage, Myntes, Redroses, Time Pelittory of the Wall, Wylde Margeru, Rosemarie, Peny moutayne: otherwise called Wilde Time, Camamyll, Lauender and Auens, of eueri of them one handful: Then beate ye Spices small, and bruse the Herbs, & put al into the Wine: and let it stand .xii. howres: styrringe it diuers times: Then stil it in a Limbeck, and keep the fyrst pint of the water, for it is the best: then wil come a second water, which is not so good as ye fyrst.

The sundry vertues and operatios of the same, many times approued.

THe Uertes of this Water bee these: in comforteth the sprits, and preserueth gretly ye youth of man, and helpeth the inward deseases, comming of colde, agaynste shakyng of Palseye: It curety the contraction of Synowes, and helpeth the conception of Women that be barren, it kylleth ye wormes in the Bellie: it helpeth the colde Gowt, it helpeth the Tooth ache, it comforteth the stomack very muche, it cureth the cold Dropsye, it helpeth the stone in the bladder and in the vaynes in ye back: it cureth the Canker: it helpeth shortly a stinkig Breath, and who so vseth this Water euer amonge, and not to oft, It preserueth him in good lyking: and shall make on seme yong very long. You must take one spoonful of this water tastig but once in .vii. daies: for it is very hot in operation. It preserued Doctor Steeuens that he liued .lxxx. and .xviii: yeares, wherof .x. he liued bedred.


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