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To Make A Pomeamber

This is an excerpt from The Treasurie of commodious Conceits
(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)
The original source can be found at

To make a Pomeamber. cap.xliii. TAke of Beniamin .i. ounce, of Storax calamit halfe an ounce [=] of Labdanum the eight part of an ounce, beat them to powder, & put them into a brason Ladle with a little damask or Rosewater, set the ouer the fyre of Coles, til they be desolued: and be soft lyke waxe: then take them out and chafe them betweene your hands as you do wax: the haue these powders redy finely serced, of Cinimon, of Cloues, of sweet sanders grey or white, of ech of these .iii. pouders halfe a quarter of an ouce mixt ye pouders wt ye other and chafe the wel together, if they be to dry moysten them a litle with some of the Rosewater left in the Ladle, or other: if they waxe colde, warme then vpon a Kniues poynt ouer a Chafingdishe of Coles: then take of Amber greace, or Musk and Ciuet, of ech .iii. graines, desolue ye Amber greace in a Siluer Spoone ouer the hot Coles, when it is cold, make it smal, put it to your Musk and Ciuet, then take your Pome that you haue chafed and gathered together, and by little and little, (with some swete water if need be) gather vp the amber, musk, & ciuet: and mixe them with your Ball, til they be perfectly incorporated, then make one Ball or two of the lumpe as ye shal think good, for ye waight of the whole is aboue two ounces, make a hole in your Ball, & so hang it by a Lace.

If you perceaue that ye Ball is not tough ynough, but to brittle, then take a curtesy of storax liquids, and therwith temper your Bal against the fire, but take not to much storax liquida, because it is too strong.

Or ye better way is, to haue some gum cald dragagathi redy disolued in swete water, it will be desolued in .ii. daies, & wt yt gather your Ball with ye heate of ye fire: this Ball wil be of like goodnes within as wtout and of great price.

Some men put in ye makyng hereof .iii. or .iiii. drops of the Oyle of spike, beware of to much, because it is veri strog.

When ye wyll haue your Ball exceede in sweetnes, breake it & haue .ii. or .iii. graines of Musk or Ciuet or Amber greace, you you delight in, or altogether, desolue them in a rose or Damask water, & with the same chafe your Ball ouer the fure tyl al be drunken in, the pearce a newe hole as before.


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