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A Receipt To Restore Strength In Them That Arr Brought Low With Long Sicknesse

This is an excerpt from The Treasurie of commodious Conceits
(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)
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A receipt to restore strength in them that arr brought low with long sicknesse. chapter xxxix. TAke of the brawne of a Fesant or Partridge, and of a Capon sodden or rosted, of ech a quarter of an ounce, steepe them in rosewater two howres, of the Kernels of Nuttes called Pistaciorum & of the kirnels of ye pine apple, of ech a quarter of an ounce of Cinamon, in fine powder the waight of twenty Barly cornes, of ye Spices of Dianthos, diamargariton, Letificantes Galeni, of each the waight of forty graines of barly cornes, of the seed of Millon, pepon, Goorde, and Cucummer, or each the waight of ten graines, the skin taken of, let them be all growned smal, then take .vi. ounces of suger, dissolved in borage water, seethe it on haighte as for Losinges, and when it is sodden ynough, the put in al ye other geare, and make Losings therof. Wherof one is sufficient at once dissolued in a messe of Pottage, or a draft of drik: thus doo .ii. or .iii. times euery day.


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