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plummes Condict In Syrrope Chapter

This is an excerpt from The Treasurie of commodious Conceits
(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)
The original source can be found at

Plummes condict in Syrrope Chapter. xv. TAke halfe a pounde of Suger, halfe a pint of Rosewater and a pinte of fayre Raynewater, or of some other distilled water, seeth ye Suger & ye two waters vpo a softe fyre of coles, till ye one halfe be consumed: the take it fro ye fire & when it leaueth boylig, put therin halfe a pound of ripe Damazines, or other plummes, & let it agayne on the embers, & kepe it in the lyke heate tyll the plummes be softe by the space of an howre if neede bee, then put into it some cloues brused and when it is coulde keepe it in a Glasse, or in an earthen or Gallypotte, the stronger the Syrrope is with Suger, the better it wyll continew. Some put into the Syrroup Sinimon, Saunders, Nutmegges, Cloues, and a little Ginger: seethe them not hastely for feare of muche breaking.


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