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To Conserue quinces In Syrope Condict

This is an excerpt from The Treasurie of commodious Conceits
(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)
The original source can be found at

To conserue Quinces in Syrope condict, alway ready to be serued whole: or in quarters. Cap. xiiii. AFter your Quinces are cored and pared, seeth them till they be tender & soft: then lay them out tyll they be colde, in the meane time take of ye same licor .ii. quarts or more (accordig to the number of your Qunices which ye wyll kepe) and put therein the cores and some other small Quinces, all to cut in small peeces, sethe them in ye liquor to make the Syrope strong, straine them, & put into the liquor being .ii. or .iii. quartes .i. pynte of Rosewater, & for euery quart also of lyquor, one half pound of suger, seeth them againe together on a soft fire of coles tyl ye suger be incorporated with the liquor, then put in your Quinces, let them seeth softly tyll you perceaue that your Syrope is as thick as liue honuy, the set them to keel, and take them out, lat them in a tray or treene platter: tyl they be cold, then take one ounce of brused Cinamon, & some of the Cinimon in the Syrope, and when it is colde lai a larde of quinces in your glasse (called a gestelyn glasse) or an erthe pot well glased, then straw a little of your Cinimon vpon you Quinces, the powre some Syrope, lay on an other larde of Quinces, and agayne of your spice, and Syrope, and so foorthe tyll you haue done: and couer them two fingers ouer with Syrop aboue, couer the close: and within .iii. or .iiii. dayes, looke to them, and when ye finde the Syrop shrunken downe, put in more, and so reserue them. These are to be serued in with Syrop. See that the Quinces be tenderly sodden, and the Syrop thick and stronge ynough.


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