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To Kepe quinces Vnpared All The Yeare Long

This is an excerpt from The Treasurie of commodious Conceits
(England, 1573 - J. Holloway, transcr.)
The original source can be found at

To kepe Quinces vnpared all the yeare long. Cap xii. TAke ripe Quinces and at ye great end cut out a stoppell, then take out the core cleane, and stop the hole agayne with the same stoppel (but pare them not) and perboyle them a little, take them vp and let the water drayne from them, then put all the Cores and some of the smallest Quinces into little peeces all to cut, into the water wherein the Quinces were perboyled, and let them sethe till the liquor be as thick as molten size, that painters occupye, then take it from the fyre and let it keel: in the meane season couch your cold Quinces in a barel or an earthe pot ye great end downward (if the stoppel be out it makes small mater) & one vpon an other. Then put the liquor in, that it be a handfull ouer and above them, couer them close, and after .iiii. or .v. dayes, looke to them and when you see the liquor suncke downe, put in more of ye same which ye purposedli kept to couer them as before, then lay a boorde vpon them and a stone that they rise not, and couer the vessell close with a thicke cloth folded, that it take no ayre, so let them remayne. And when ye intende to occupy some of them, vncouer the vessell and ye shall fynde a Creame coueryng the whole liquor, breake it in ye midst, turn it ouer with your hand, then take out your fruite in order begining in ye midst first: then by ye sides, so that you remoue none (if it may be) but those yt you take away and euery time that ye break the Creme to fetch Quinces, turn the Creame ouer agayne into its place, for you muste know that the Creame keepeth out ayre, & kepeeth in the strength of the Surrop, therefore it maketh much to the coseruation of the fruite to saue it, and also to se ye vessel close couered. Also when ye wyl bake your Quinces, washe them well and cleane in warme water, and bake them as before is written.


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