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honey Pogacha

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

Honey pogacha. Grab some honey pogachas, add black pepper and ginger, grate it; put these crumbs into the furnace, put a quarter pound of honey and crushed sugar into a three lot-sized cauldron, melt it, but don't boil; once melted, pour this onto the pot where the crumbs are so that they will melt too. Mix it with sugar, grab a handful of grated pogachas, put it into the honey, add three lots of nutmeg flower, four lots of carnation and cinnamon, put these into the dough, stir it well, put the honey pogachas in there too, stir it, take it out and separate it into three. Grab some wheat flour, put on the table, then add some more flour a bit later, knead and flatten it, it should be dry and it shouldn't get stuck to your hand; flatten it with a rolling pin, put these next to each other, put some flour underneath so they won't get stuck. Grab a measuring pan and measure nine lots. Grab another wooden spoon, then grab some dough, put some flour onto the spoon and put it onto the pogacha, do these to each one so they will be the same size. Grab a tin, put the dough into it, clean it from the flour; add flour to a board, put the honey pogacha into it, then bake it.


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