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Another Method Of This

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

Another method of this. Don't cook the barley as much as we previously did, wash it after the boiling, put it into a cloth, squeeze out the water. If it's not enough, crush some of the other barley in a mortar then pass through a strainer it. Make some almond milk, pour a bit into the barley, put it to the fire and add two or three egg yolks, once the milk is about to boil, add spices and stir it until cooked. If the almond milk is made with water, warm some butter in a pan Once you add the butter, add some sugar and rose water, for it will make it stronger. For the sake of the patient's taste, you may bring in some variety, you can leave out the eggs if you use rose water with the barley. You can also make it from some boiled meat's water, and if the patient is suffering from constipation, cook some veal, the calf legs are the best, for it heals and relaxes, and is also good for lung pain. And if you have good water from boiling capon and hen, and if the patient's fever is very high, cook some salad and sorrel with it, this cools and relaxes the body and cleanses the blood. If the patient can't eat solid dishes, soak some bread and crush it into the bread.


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