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Roasted beef With Tarragon And sage Sauce

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

ROASTED BEEF WITH TARRAGON AND SAGE SAUCE. Wash the meat and put it into a skewer, put salt on it and roast it; if it's roasting well, remove it from the fire and beat it with wood so that the salt would fall off. Slice it into a pot, let it keep its broth because it gives it taste. Pour some beef broth on it; if there is none, pour clean water onto it, put it on the fire and clean it. Add some onions and sage, but don't cut the sage leaves; if you want to slice it, slice it in half or third so that they would recognize it as sage. Add some pine nuts, but not too much, lest it becomes bitter. Add some vinegar, but not too much. Add some saffron, black pepper and ginger, but not too much.


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