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This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

BIANCA. Wash the rice, let it dry and crush it in a mortar; pick good rice that's not red or grey. Pour some sweet milk into a tin pot and boil it. Pour the rice with flour onto the boiling milk; stir it so they won't get stuck. Don't add too much, for they might get too hard. Add some sugar and rose water. You can serve this hot or cold; if hot, add some small grapes during cooking. During the serving, pour some rose or marjoram water into the plate for better smell. Serve the Bianca in this plate, add sugar. If cold, make it in another pot. Pour rose water into the pot, then let it cool. You need to add water so it won't get stuck and will smell good. Once cool, put it into a plate. You can decorate it with gold or silver. Don't add sugar to the dish, add it to the sides of the dish. Other nations use different spices.


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