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Aspic Beluga

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

Aspic beluga. If the fish is old, take out the nose like I told you, so slice it in half, then add some salt to the fish. If it's summer, keep it in iced water until you aren't cooking it. You can keep it in simple cold water if it's the winter. When you cook it, put it into a tin pot and wash it, then pour some water into it, then some vinegar and add some salt and sage, then cook them together; but don't overcook it, the meat should be tender. Once done, put it on a clean table and let it cool. When about to serve it, put some sage, caraway or marjoram for the sauce. Pour and mix some vinegar and wine, and if there wasn't enough vinegar on the meat, then add some more for the aspic, but add some salt to the spice, too. When serving it, put some fish slices on a plate, pour some rose or raisin vinegar onto it, then serve it.


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