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Cold pike With Walleye Sauce

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

Cold pike with walleye sauce. Clean it and add salt like I told you. Make the sauce with clean water, put some onions into it and a slice of meat from the fish; once the onion and the meat are cooked, wash the pike from the salt and pass through a strainer the water. Once cooked, put the meat into a plate, mix and break the sauce, pour some vinegar onto it to make it white. If doing it in the summer, put the meat onto ice and pass through a strainer the sauce onto it, but have a lot of sauce, for that is how the dish looks good. If you have a beluga bladder, put a bit into it, and also its own bladder. When serving it, slice some onion on top of it.


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