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chicken With Pate

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

Chicken with pate. Remove the feathers and the intestines like I told you. Once the intestines are taken out, break the wings with some wood. They break this so it won't scratch the clean pot's sides. Put it next to the beef, let it cook. While boiling, slice some parsley leaves with fat bacon, have someone bring lemon with leaves, and if you have no lemon, add marjoram, then add some black pepper. Make dough out of eggs and flour. Stretch it with the rolling pin, leave the center with a bit of a bump. Push the little bump with your thumb. While pushing it, grab it with your other hand and stretch it towards the ceiling, until you can tie your hands with it. You will have a little dough pot, put the chicken into it and add some salt. Slice the lemon, put it into the water, put the bacon onto it, then slice some marjoram so that it'll have a good smell, then pour some beef water on top. Stretch the lid made from dough. Have enough for the pate pot's lid, put some water on the edges so that its lid won't get stuck. Make a little chimney at the lid, then make a chicken head shape; paste it with water so that it won't get stuck. It's done, bake it in baking sheet, and if you have none, use your furnace instead. When serving it, slice open its lid, taste the sauce, add some spices if you must, then serve it.


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