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hen Again The One The Germans Call stag capon

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

Hen again, the one the Germans call stag capon. We call it stag capon, too. You don't have to cut its throat, kill it and skin it like the previous one. Cut its stuffing with roast beef and pork, bacon too, but not too fatty. Stuff three in a table; once stuffed, close them and cook them in a tin pot. Stand them up, too, look out for its horns, for if you overcook it, they shall fall out; add some spices. Take it out, put them into a clean place, let them cool and stand them up; tie their mouths to keep them open and don't let them stuck together. Make a cross underneath them, first one should have a plate-like circle, the cross should be a span long, make a cross on the end of the wood. They usually have a woodworker do this. Once the cross is ready, put sourdough into a plate, stretch it in the plate with your wet hands, and put the circle into the sourdough, then make the three capons sit down on the wood of the cross. Have a three finger tall little green or red Italian tree made from paper, glue it to the circle. If you know how to make this, you can make it with green wax, too. You can put little strudels or doughnuts into it, and raisins, fig. Paste its horns with gold or silver, if they've fallen out, put them back; if it lost its horns, make horns with white wax. Cover it with silver so they won't recognize it as wax. If you can't paint the comb under the capon's chin, then ask the woodworker to have it painted red.


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