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goose With fruit Sauce

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

Goose with fruit sauce. Do the same with preparing the goose; once the intestines are out, stitch it so that you put it on a skewer, its insides won't come out, don't cut it, add some salt. While it's being roasted, prepare the sauce like so; have someone bring wine, white bread, vinegar and honey. If you don't have a lot of wine, add some more vinegar and water from boiling the meat. Once the sauce is cooked, pass through a strainer it. If you have lots of almonds and raisins, add some, slice some apples. Slice the meat, put it in the sauce, put it on the fire, add some saffron, black pepper and ginger. You can use fat goose too. Serve it like I told you before.


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