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When Slaughtering A hog

This is an excerpt from The Prince of Transylvania's Court Cookbook
(Hungary, 16th c.)
The original source can be found at

When slaughtering a hog for your prince or lord, go there yourself and instruct the butcher, tell him how you want it exactly, have him take out the hog's head, sides, intestines, lung, liver and put it in clean water. Put the meat in a different pot of water, you can make several types of roast pork as well. Don't let the meat linger too long, for it will go bad quickly in the summer. If you can't bring the intestines with you, have a very clean woman do so, and once she gave it to you, wash it yourself; then put it in clean water, cut it on the table, add some salt and bacon. Once you've cut this meat, your number of slices depend on how many sausages do you want. If you want to make it with black pepper, don't add anything, but black pepper with some wine. If you want to make pine nuts, wash it and break it, then mix it with some wine, do the same with the garlic sausage as well and with the marjoram sausage too. Once you've stuffed these, put it in clean water and let it soak for half an hour or an hour, and once you take it out and cook them one by one, and if you want a liver sausage, poach it, cut the liver with bacon and onions, add some spices if your lord likes it, you may add some black pepper as well. Once you've stuffed it, stitch the two ends so that its stuffing won't come out; when poaching, take it out of the poacher, let it cool and put it next to the other sausages. If you want to stuff a blood sausage, then wash the meat, slice the hog fat in blood, slice some onions, you may add some black pepper and marjoram, some people add a little porridge as well, you may also stuff some rice too, lords tend to like this. Once stuffed, do what we did before.


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