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creme Of almonds

This is an excerpt from Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes (MS Harley 5401)
(England, 15th century)
[based on a concordance]
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

Creme of Almonds. Recipe & blawnch almondes, & grinde þam & kepe þam als whyte as зe mey, & temper it thyk with watur & draw it, & put it in a pott. And sett it oure þe fyre & styr it wele; and when it begyns to rise take it of. If зe wyll haue mykyll, þan do a lityll þerto of vinegre & lat it stande a whyle, & take a clene cloth haldyn abrode betwene tiw men, & trast þerin with a ladyl als brode as þe cloth wyll striche towards & froward ay with þe ege of þe ladyll þat зe may draw oute all þe watyrs; & þan gedyre it to þe corners togydyrs & hang it vpon a pyn, & let þe water soke oute into a boll; & temper it with whyte wyne, & bruse it with a sawcer tyll it be als softe as зe wyll haue it, & serof it forth.


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