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Flawnes For Lentyn

This is an excerpt from Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes (MS Harley 5401)
(England, 15th century)
[based on a concordance]
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

Flawnes for Lentyn. Recipe gode floure & make past, & take gode mylk of almondes & þe floure of ryse or of amydon & boyle þam togyder till þai be wele chargeand; & when it is bolyd thyk take it vp & lay it on a fote bord til it be colde; & when þe cofyns be redy, take a part & do it in þe cofyns & karve þam in shyves, & do þam in gode mylk of almonds, & fyges & dates, in .iiij. pertyes. Þen bak it; serof it forth.


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