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A broth Of Savoy

This is an excerpt from Le Recueil de Riom
(France, 15th century)
The original source can be found at Jennifer Soucy's website

A broth of Savoy. One takes the meat of veal or of pork and of chicken and cut up the meat. Put it to cook in a pot and with it cook beef broth and wine, and the livers of chicken and a little lard. And, when it is almost cooked, take a handful of parsley and cast it in, and don't cook too much. And, while it is cooking, one takes the spices and grinds them; they are known to be grains of paradise, cloves, long pepper and ginger, and saffron. And then take the parsley which has boiled and the chicken livers and grind them with the spices. And put the bread to soak, without roasting, in broth and strain it all together. And one can take eggs cooked in water until they are hard for frying, and discard one part, and fry the yolks whole, and finally the eggs are strained with the broth.


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