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A Gravy Of birds And They Are Blanched A Little In Hot Water And Put In A Good Pot

This is an excerpt from Le Recueil de Riom
(France, 15th century)
The original source can be found at Jennifer Soucy's website

A gravy of birds and they are blanched a little in hot water and put in a good pot, with veal and lard/drippings. And fry together on the coals, and take bread and roast it on the grill until it is rather brown, and put it to soak with beef broth, and with wine and the livers of chicken, and strain it through a strainer. And the meat is cast in together into a pot with everything for boiling, and when it is boiled enough, one takes the spices. And, when they are crushed, infuse in verjuice and cast thereto. There must be grains of paradise, clove, ginger and cinnamon buds if it can be found or the best cinnamon one can find.


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