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A Sauce Of partridge

This is an excerpt from Le Recueil de Riom
(France, 15th century)
The original source can be found at Jennifer Soucy's website

A sauce of partridge, and of roast chicken when one doesn't have partridge, and of onion chopped as small as one can. And, when you put the partridge over the fire, put a dish under it to catch the grease which falls. And cook the onion with the grease that falls. And take the onion with the grease and take the spices ミ cloves, and ginger, and cinnamon buds if you can find them. And put the onions to cook, if you don't have grease, take a little beef broth with them. And grind the spices and infuse in vinegar and wine. And take a little toasted bread and grind with the spices, and when the spices are ground and the bread, strain it all together. And, when the partridges are cooked, take them and put to cook with the broth a minute or two.


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