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Stuffed Shoulders Of mutton

This is an excerpt from Le Recueil de Riom
(France, 15th century)
The original source can be found at Jennifer Soucy's website

Stuffed shoulders of mutton, and meatballs, and sausages roasted and battered. One takes mutton shoulders and puts to cook, and when they are well cooked, the meat is taken off the bone, without breaking it up. And one takes the meat and the other meat with it to make the towers. And chop it up very well, as small as one can, and when it is well chopped, put it in a mortar , and put powder in, and it is beaten with a pestle. And one takes yolks of eggs cooked and make the stuffing not too thin, after they are added. And when it is moistened enough, one has the intestines of mutton, the thinnest one can find and drain on a good board. And take an egg yolk or two, for a base , and strain the stuffing onto the intestine. And then take the shoulder and wrap in stuffing over and under, until you can't see the bone, and wrap well in intestine. And, after it is wrapped, take a little spit and the "tails". And then put it to grill with a small, good fire, and while it is on the grill take a large number of egg yolks and endore it. And after it is well endored, cover it in gold or silver, and the meatballs are made of the stuffing as long as half a foot, and wrapped with intestine. And gild only the shoulder.


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