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To Make A Stewed broath For capons

This is an excerpt from A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye
(England, mid-16th c.)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

To make a stewed broath for Capons, mutton, beyfe, or any other hoate meate, and also a broathe for all maner of fresh fyshe. Take halfe a handefull of rosemary and as muche of tyme and bynde it on a bundel wyth threde after it is washen, and put it in the potte after that the potte is cleane skummed, and lette it boyle a whyle, then cutte soppes of white breade and put them in a great charger and put it on the same skaldynge broath and when it is soken ynoughe, strayne it throughe a strayner with a quantitye of wyne or good ale, so that it be not tarte; and when it is strayned, poure it in a pot and than putte in youre raysons and prunes, and so lette them boyle tyll the meate be ynoughe. Yf the broathe be to swete, putte in the more wyne or else a lyttle vyneger.


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