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To Make A pye Of Alowes

This is an excerpt from A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye
(England, mid-16th c.)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

To make a pye of alowes. Take a legge of mutton and cutte it in thyn slyces, and for stuffing of the same take perselye, tyme, and sauerye and chop them smal, then temper among them three or iiij yolckes of harde egges chopt smal and small reysons, dates cutte with mace, and a lyttle salte, then laye all these in the stekes and then role them togeather. This done make your pye, and laye all these therein, then ceason theym wyth a lyttle suger and cynamon, safiron and salte, then cast upon them the yolckes of three or foure harde egges and cut dates, wyth small raysynges, so close your pye, and bake hym. Then for a syrope for it, take roosted breade, and a little claret wyne and strayne them thyn togeather, and put thereto a lyttle suger, synamon and gynger and putte it into your pye and then serve it forthe.


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