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To Make pies Of Spanish Leaves

This is an excerpt from Ouverture de Cuisine
(France, 1604 - Daniel Myers, trans.)
The original source can be found at

To make pies of Spanish leaves. Make paste from white flour the most fine that you can get, put therein two eggs, a little butter, & make the paste with cold water, & that it will be a little soft, & knead it well for half an hour, then let it rest a little, then after rolling your paste on a long board, & flattening the paste so it becomes like paper the size of half a foot, then take some grease of pork melted on a little fire, then grease your paste that it will be well greased all along, & make a roll of your paste, then flatten again the paste like the other, & grease & roll on the other roll until you have a roll as large as an arm then let it chill: when the paste is well cold cut it into pieces the size of three fingers, then have a piece of paper the size of a hand or larger, & put a piece of the paste thereon, & put the two thumbs in the middle of the paste, & stretch the paste in the shape of a little pie, & that it is not thinner than the middle of a little finger, then take the meat of a sheep chopped with beef fat. Note for one pound of meat half a pound of fat: put therein pepper, nutmeg, a little salt, & verjuice or vinegar, & mix well all together, & fill your pie with this meat, & cut for your pie a cover that is not any thicker, & cover your pie, & turn it onto the paste, wet the top of paper with an egg yolk, after the paper is stuck together, then put it to cook in an oven until it is hot: having the pie been a quarter hour in the oven draw it out, & remove the paper, return the pie to the oven until it is cooked enough: then the paper removed the sheets will open themselves so much better.


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