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To Make May butter

This is an excerpt from Ouverture de Cuisine
(France, 1604 - Daniel Myers, trans.)
The original source can be found at

To make May butter. Take a quart of new milk, & put it on the fire, & make it turn in matton: when it begins to boil take a dozen beaten eggs, & cast them therein, & let boil until it seems that the eggs are cooked: then cast all in linen, & let drip the water well out, & press well that it doesn't hold any water therein: then grind well in a stone mortar, with half a pound of new butter, & pass it through a strainer, put there a little rose water: when so passed it needs to be churned a long time, & put sugar therein, & arrange on little plates, & raise it a little high, & sugar thereon.


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