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veal Head Gilded In The Same Fashion

This is an excerpt from Ouverture de Cuisine
(France, 1604 - Daniel Myers, trans.)
The original source can be found at

Veal head gilded in the same fashion. Take a veal head cut in two, that the brains rest therein: then make it to fry in butter, & let it cool well, then make crepes of beaten eggs, that they will be very large: when cooked on one side take grated parmesan with a little cinnamon & pepper, & sprinkle on the crepes: then put the veal head therein, & turn the crepes well around, & return them & let fry again one or two times: put sugar & cinnamon thereon, & serve so.


Other versions of this recipe:

To make a peeled veal head in the Irish style (Ouverture de Cuisine)

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